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In 1965, NASA tested out the effects of being in a vacuum on dogs which resulted in "simultaneous defecation, projectile vomiting and urination. They suffered massive seizures. Their tongues were often coated in ice and the dogs swelled to resemble an inflated goatskin bag"

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On March 3rd 1876, there was the "Great Kentucky Meat Shower" a moments long rain of meat over Kentucky, now thought to have been projectile vomit by vultures

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  1. Turkey Vultures use projectile vomit to scare away predators and can vomit up to 10 feet.

  2. Andersen's Pea Soup was used as the projectile vomit in The Exorcist

  3. A UK researcher created a vomiting mannequin called "Vomiting Larry" to study the spread of illnesses like norovirus that are spread via projectile vomiting

  4. Turkey Vultures projectile vomit at you when they feel threatened, can soar for hours in thermals without having go flap their wings, defecates and urinates on its legs to keep them cool and can live upward of 16 years.

  5. When Fulmar Chicks are confronted with other animals, they will projectile vomit an oily secretion all over the face of the approaching animal.

  6. Rob Reiner almost took out the pie eating contest scene. Reiner said, "We’d established that Gordie is going to turn into a great writer someday. Would he really tell a story about vomiting?" Also it took five guys on a giant plunger to get the right projectile effect.

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