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Korean college students once protested against the amount of air in potato chip packets by building a raft out of them and sailing across a river.

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About "The Whole Shabangs" potato chips, available almost exclusively from US Prison system commissaries. Ex-cons consider these chips to be the best chip out there, and a high-point of their incarceration. Many end up dismayed and disappointed at their lack of availability "on the outside".

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  1. About Baltimore's Mr. Trash Wheel, a waterway trash inceptor that removed approx. 200,000 bottles, 173,000 potato chip bags, and 6.7 million cigarette butts from the inner harbor in just 18 months of initial operation.

  2. Potato chip bags are not full of air, but of nitrogen gas. This is done to prevent the chips from oxidizing, which is part of what makes them go stale.

  3. In World War I, deep fried potato batons were popular among American soldiers stationed in Belgian after they were served to the British for their love of chips. As, the language locally and of the Belgian Army at the time was French, they thought they were in France naming them ‘French fries’.

  4. Pringles are technically not potato chips, they are molded out of powdered potato, wheat, and other additives

  5. A car crashed through the front window of the struggling Cape Cod Potato Chips store in 1980, almost hitting the owner’s daughter. The subsequent insurance payment and publicity from the accident helped tide the company over until the following summer, by which time business was booming.

  6. An Anaheim chef who serves free pasta meals to "motel kids" whose families cannot afford permanent homes. The chef was inspired by his Italian mother who saw a child eating potato chips for dinner and told him in Italian, "You must feed them the pasta!" He has served over 270,000 meals.

  7. The "rules of the food game in America are organized in such a way that if you are eating on a budget, the most rational economic strategy is to eat badly — and get fat. Adam Drewnowski found that a dollar could buy 1,200 calories of cookies or potato chips but only 250 calories of carrots.

  8. Pringles are technically not potato chips but a slurry of rice, wheat, corn, and some potato flakes

  9. Potato chip packets are made noisy to make you think the chips are crunchier. There is no reason in terms of product preservation for the noisy packets.

  10. The shape of Pringles potato chips (a hyperbolic paraboloid) was designed using a supercomputer to be aerodynamically stable so they don't fly off the manufacturing line.

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The potato chip was believed to have originated in 1853 when a chef had his fried potatoes sent back by an annoyed customer multiple times because the potatoes were "too thick". He was fed up, cut the potatoes razor thin, and put extra salt on them. The customer, to his surprise, loved it.

Popcorn has more protein than any other cereal grain. It also has more iron than eggs or roast beef. It has more fiber than pretzels or potato chips. - source

You would get a larger dose of radiation from eating a bag of potato chips every day than you would if you lived next to a nuclear power plant. - source

The FDA prohibits products from being packed in containers deceptively larger than what they contain. (Potato chips are exempt because the extra air protects them from being crushed.)

George Crum invented the potato chips after a customer complaint that his french fries were too thick and soft. In order to teach him a lesson, he cut the potatoes as thin as possible, deep fried them to a crisp and salted them. The customers loved them and the potato chips were invented. - source

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Crisps (potato chips) are labelled "ready salted" because old-fashioned crisps came with a little bag of salt, which the consumer could choose whether or not to use.

How potato chips were invented?

2 Korean students made a raft out of potato chip bags to prove they have too much air in them.

Pennsylvania has a region known as the "Potato Chip Belt" where Herr's, Utz, Martin's, Bon Ton, Bickels', and Snyder's of Hanover call home.

Ounce for ounce, corn flakes cereal has more salt in it than potato chips

There is a company called Potato Semiconductors that produces "Potato Chips"

Pringles are not truly a potato chip but a "potato crisp" as they are made from a dough and fried. The can was developed by a engineer who wrote Fantasy Fiction and used a super computer to assure the shape and size of the can for minimum breakage on movement.

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70 percent of all potatoes grown in Michigan, become potato chips, making them the No. 1 state for chipping production.

Students in Korea made a raft from potato chip bags to demonstrate how much air is in them

Gene Wolfe, a mechanical engineer turned author known for science fiction and fantasy novels, developed the frying device that cooks Pringles potato chips.

Living next to a nuclear plant for 1 year gives you 100 times less radiation than eating a bag of potato chips every day for 1 year..

Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup has more sodium in a small can than most large bags of potato chips.

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Some potato chips are green because a section of a potato can break through the ground and start growing chloroplasts. Most of the time these green potatoes are separated from production due to solanine, a natural poison that can be produced from a green potato.

Living next to a Nuclear Power Plant will give a you 100 times less radiation than eating a bag of potato chips

Sound forensics make it possible to reconstruct speech or other sound by watching leaves of a plant, earbud speakers or a potato-chip bag with a camera, even through soundproof windows.

Pringles Are Not Officially Potato Chips- They Are Only 42% Potato

The reason a bag of potato chips contains mostly air is not to deceive the consumer into believing there is more product. Instead, the air (called slack fill) provides cushioning that protects the chips. "Less air, more chips but they are shattered or More air, fewer chips but they are whole"

Japan has Kentucky Fried Chicken flavored Potato Chips

Pepsico wholly owns the rights to a variety of potato known as FC5, grown exclusively for their Lay's potato chips. In April, Pepsico sued four farmers in India for illegally growing and dealing their patented potato variety.

Jerusalem artichoke can be consumed raw or cooked. It can be boiled, fried, microwaved, steamed or baked. Thanks to its warm, nutty, slightly sweet taste, it can be used as a substitute for potato (Jerusalem artichoke can be consumed in the form of chips or it can be mashed, just like potato).

Potato chips were invented in 1853 when a frustrated chef sliced potatoes razor thin, fried them until crisp and seasoned them with extra salt in response to a restaurant customer complaining that his potatoes were cut too thick. The customer loved them.

Popcorn is a good source of protein (containing much more than you"ll find in potato chips!).

"The Whole Shabang," a brand of potato chips once sold only in jails and prisons. It's extremely popular among inmates.

Pringles aspired to be called chips but because of their makeup — 42 per cent potato content — they had to settle for the lesser label "potato crisps."

The potato chip was invented in 1853 by a Native American chef who was trying to rile a customer who had complained about his "too thick" french fries.

The "air" in bags of potato chips is actually pure nitrogen gas

Three college students from South Korea made rafts out of potato chip bags to prove they have to much air in them.

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