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Prince is the sole credit on his first album. He sang all the parts and played all the instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic piano and Fender Rhodes piano, synth bass, various keyboard synths by Oberheim, Moog and Arp, orchestra bells, drums, percussion and bass guitar.

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Jack Tueller, a WWII soldier who was also a trumpet player and carried his instrument everywhere with him. He believes it saved his life from a German sniper in France. Figuring his enemy was just a scared kid like him, Jack played a love song before he set out. The sniper never fired.

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  1. Michael Jackson composed songs despite not playing any instruments. He would build each element of a track with his voice, so pitch perfect that studio musicians could match chords to his singing.

  2. After the producers of the 1994 ACM Awards told Alan Jackson he would have to sing over a backing track instead of live instrumentation, he had his drummer “play” without sticks in an act of protest (video included).

  3. The Go-Go's were the first, and to date only, all-female band that both wrote their own songs and played their own instruments to top the Billboard album charts.

  4. Beck wrote and composed all of the songs on his Grammy Award Winning Album of the Year 'Morning Phase' whilst also playing over 15 instruments and singling vocals.

  5. In order to eliminate gender bias, many orchestras use blind auditions in which the candidates play their instrument behind a screen.

  6. The Go-Go's are the only all-female band to both write their own songs and play their own instruments to top the Billboard album charts.

  7. Michael Jackson composed songs despite not playing any instruments. He would build each element of a track with his voice, so pitch perfect that studio musicians could match chords to his singing.

  8. Queen guitarist Brian May jokingly asked the band bassist, John Deacon, to learn the double bass for the recording of his folk song '39. Just a couple days later, he found Deacon in the studio with the instrument, having already learned to play it.

  9. The music played by the cantina band in Return of the Jedi was called "Jizz," and the players were called "Jizz Wailers." One of the instruments is called a "Jizz Box."

  10. George Harrison could play 26 instruments

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Breakdown of who played what instrument in every Beatles song

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Demetri Martin, a stand-up comedian well known for playing instruments during his shows, originally only played to prevent Comedy Central from editing his stand-up special out of order. It was so popular, he continues to do it to this day.

Django Reinhardt, a Jazz Gutiarist of the 1930's. He has been called one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century, and he's among the first to play Jazz that featured guitar as the lead instrument. Doing it all while only having 3 fingers on his left hand due to a fire in 1928. - source

One of Nirvana's most controversial performances was in 1993 at the Hollywood Rock Festival in São Paulo, after playing rough versions of their songs, they swapped instruments to play a set of badly rehearsed covers while they were booed by the audience and ended the show by demolishing the gear - source

Tubular Bells' (famously used in, 'The Exorcist') is an album released in 1973 consisting of two complex, twenty-plus minute instrumental compositions. Both of which were written, played and recorded by a 19 year old Mike Oldfield.

Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia adopted 40 Armenian Orphans from a monastery in Jerusalem 1924 and trained them to play musical instruments becoming Ethiopia's first Official orchestra. - source

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As a marketing and publicity stunt three copies of a John Otway single in 1979 were pressed without a vocal track. Purchasers of the 'instrumental' copies would 'win' a live performance of the song by Otway in their own living room, while they played the record on their home stereo.

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An increasingly common method for Brain Surgeons to ensure that a semi-conscious patient is OK during surgery is to have them play a musical instrument or sing during the procedure. Various patients have played saxophone, guitar, banjo, violin, and even sung opera while under the knife.

The Star Wars cantina players perform a genre of music called Jizz, making them jizz-wielders. Some jizz-wielders play an instrument known as a jizz box.

Rock band Iron Maiden went to a restaurant after a 1984 concert in Poland. The Maidens saw a wedding inside; after a chat, they took the wedding band's instruments and began playing for the night. Guests had no idea until the groom saw that his wedding band transformed into Iron Maiden.

Some fleas in a Flea Circus were glued to a base of a circus enclosure. Miniature musical instruments were then glued to the flea performers and the enclosure was heated. The fleas fought to escape, giving the impression of fleas playing instruments.

Antarctic explorers would lure penguins to their ship to be eaten by playing musical instruments. When a bagpipe was played, the penguins fled in terror.

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Slaves were forbidden from owning musical instruments as they were used to communicate. Congo Square in New Orleans was the only place slaves were allowed to gather every Sunday, to trade, sing, dance and play music. this led to the birth of Jazz

Jon Benjamin, creator of Bob's Burger, recorded an experimental jazz album without knowing how to play any instruments. Includes several tracks titled "I Can't Play Piano."

When composing the song "'39", Queen guitarist Brian May jokingly asked bassist John Deacon to play the double bass on the recording. Deacon didn't got the joke and actually learned the instrument. In two days.

The Fiddle and the Violin are the exact same instrument. The difference is the type of music you play with one or the other.

The Theremin was invented by a Soviet scientist when he added a sonic element to his gas density analyzer. It is the only musical instrument that is played without touching it.

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Snake charming has nothing to do with the music being played but instead has to do with the instrument's movement.

Leo Fender, the founder of Fender and the person who developed the first solid-body electric guitar and electric bass guitar, never learned to play either instrument.

The Octobass, an enormous bowed string instrument that plays notes so low you can see the strings vibrating

Fiddle and violin are the same instrument. The difference is in how they're played

Amish don't play musical instruments because it's viewed as a form of showboating and superiority.

Despite their deteriorating relationship, Paul McCartney and John Lennon played all the instruments on "The Ballad of John and Yoko" because the other Beatles were busy. It's claimed John was so touched by Paul's enthusiasm that he credited his "Give Peace a Chance" to Lennon/McCartney.

In 2014 a three-piece band of Japanese robots, called Z-Machines, recorded a 5 track album. Capable of playing their instruments like no human can, the guitarist has 78 fingers, while the drummer rocks out with 22 arms.

The paddywack is a ligament on sheep and cattle used to keep their head up and is mentioned in the nursery rhyme because the old man is playing sheep bones as an instrument.

That, when the Arctic Monkeys started their band, none of them could play instruments

Leo Fender, founder of the Fender Musical Instruments company and creator of the first mass-produced solid-body electric guitar, did not know how to play the guitar.

There are five main strokes that congueros use when playing the conga drums. These include the open tone, muffled or mute tone, bass tone, slap tone, and the touch tone.

Some castanets are mounted on wooden handles, freeing up the musicians hands from the strings. Instead of strings they clappers are attached by elastic cords. This makes it easy for the musician to pick up the wooden handle and clap the castanets and set them back down quickly when not being played.

The washtub bass is commonly played along with a washboard, spoons, and other "homemade" instruments that are easy to find and use to create music.

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