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Prince is the sole credit on his first album. He sang all the parts and played all the instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic piano and Fender Rhodes piano, synth bass, various keyboard synths by Oberheim, Moog and Arp, orchestra bells, drums, percussion and bass guitar.

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Willie Nelson has played the same guitar,“Trigger” for 50 years. It has been signed by friends, family, lawyers, and Johnny Cash. It was his last remaining possession twice. Willie has played it at over 10,000 shows and he gets it repaired every year at the same shop in Austin,TX

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  1. In 1966 a relatively unknown young American musician asked to get on stage with Cream and THE guitar God Eric Clapton. He played the song Killing Floor, which Clapton had always said was too difficult to play live. That man was Jimi Hendrix and that became known as "The day Hendrix killed God."

  2. Tony Iommi, founding member of the Black Sabbath, replaced his finger tips with homemade prostheses made out of plastic after losing them on his last day at a steel factory , requiring him to downtune his guitar to play it, creating their signature sound and helping to define modern metal music.

  3. George Clinton doesn't know who played guitar for one of Funkadelic's greatest guitar solos, "Get Off Your Ass and Jam" (1975). The mystery guitarist was a white heroin addict that asked to sit in and was paid $50.

  4. The guitar Slash plays on November Rain is a 59 Les Paul that Aerosmiths Joe Perry used in the 1970s before selling it. Perry wanted it back but lost track of it until a friend saw it in a magezine article about Slash. Slash didn't want to sell, but gave it to Perry for his 50th birthday.

  5. BB King played at a hall in 1949 in which 2 men fought and started a fire. He escaped but realized his guitar was inside. He ran into the hall and saved it. The 2 men were fighting over a girl, Lucille, so King vowed never to fight over a girl. King named all his guitars Lucille as a reminder.

  6. Guitarist Les Paul's right elbow was shattered in a car accident. Doctors were unable to repair it so he had them fuse his arm bones at a 90 degree angle so he could continue to play guitar.

  7. The iconic 'Bass' line from "Seven Nation Army" isn't played on a bass guitar, but instead on a semi-acoustic guitar electronically lowered an octive.

  8. On almost all of his albums, Lenny Kravitz not only sang his songs, but did everything else: played the guitar, bass, drums, percussions and produced them all himself.

  9. Brian May, the lead guitarist of Queen, plays almost exclusively on a home built guitar called 'Red Special' which be built with his father when he was a teenager

  10. Actor Joe Pesci started as a singer and guitar player and played in the same band as Jimi Hendrix

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On almost all of his albums, Lenny Kravitz not only sang his songs, but did everything else: played the guitar, bass, drums, percussions and produced them all himself.

After 21 years of guitar playing, jazz guitarist Pat Martino had a brain aneurysm that left him without the ability to play guitar. He taught himself how to to play again by listening to his old recordings. - source

The guitar solos finishing "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd were added to give lead singer Ronnie Van Zant a chance to rest while playing several sets per night. - source

of Pat Martino, a jazz guitarist who, after a brain aneurism, completely forgot how to play the guitar. He then relearned from scratch by listening to his own recordings.

The famous "Bassline" of Seven Nation Army, by The White Stripes, is played by a guitar. And the band didn't even have a bass player. - source

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Eddie Van Halen played the iconic guitar solo in Michael Jackson's Beat It. Also it was a favor and free of charge

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James McCartney, Paul McCartney's son, wanted to learn the guitar not because of his father but because he saw Marty McFly play one in Back to the Future.

Willie Nelson has been playing the same guitar, Trigger, since 1969. He's even worn a giant hole in it.

Django Reinhardt, a Jazz Gutiarist of the 1930's. He has been called one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century, and he's among the first to play Jazz that featured guitar as the lead instrument. Doing it all while only having 3 fingers on his left hand due to a fire in 1928.

Oscar nominee Shape of Water actor, Richard Jenkins got his start by being mistaken for the actor who auditioned before him. He overheard the guy before him, playing guitar, and how much they loved him. He realised what happened when the director asked him to play guitar, which he couldn’t do.

Keith Richards once snuck into Chuck Berry's dressing room, and started playing his guitar when he saw it sitting there. When Berry came in and saw Richards playing his guitar, he proceeded to punch him in the face.

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In 1956 an 11 year old kid snuck in to meet Elvis Presley pre-concert and to tell him "Elvis you can't play guitar worth a damn." They met again years later and he would be the rhythm guitar player for Elvis from 1969-76.

James Franco, a non-smoker, took up smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, learned to ride a motorcycle and play guitar, and cut himself off from his loved ones, all to prepare for his role as James Dean.

The song American Woman was made by accident. While playing at a show in Ontario, Randy Bachman broke a guitar string. While tuning his guitar he came up with a great riff, he implored Burton Cummings to sing something, the first words out of his mouth were, "American woman, stay away from me."

An increasingly common method for Brain Surgeons to ensure that a semi-conscious patient is OK during surgery is to have them play a musical instrument or sing during the procedure. Various patients have played saxophone, guitar, banjo, violin, and even sung opera while under the knife.

Shakira has been making music for more than 23 years and can play the guitar, drums, percussion and harmonica. She also speaks 7 different languages, is the founder of a charity called Pies Descalzos and is a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

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Since Queen's lead guitarist Brian May could not afford a guitar at the beginning of his career, his father and he decided to build an electric guitar from scratch with old oak wood from a fireplace in 1963. He still plays "Red" wherever he tours.

Former Pantera rhythm guitarist Terry Glaze quit, citing that Dimebag Darrell's talent seemed to make his guitar playing useless.

In 1967 Jimi Hendrix opened for The Monkees. He played 8 of the 29 dates, then flipped off the audience, threw down his guitar, and walked off.

The bass guitar that I've been playing for 15 years is made from a banned chemical that shrinks your penis.

Canadian musician Jeff Healey, who has been blind since the age of 1 due to retinoblastoma. He began playing guitar at age 3 by setting the guitar on his lap and playing it like a keyboard. His song “Angel Eyes” reached No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1989. He died of cancer in 2008.

Leo Fender, inventor of Fender Guitars, never learned how to play the guitar.

The guitars on the 1983 David Bowie song "Modern Love" were played by Texas bluesman Stevie Ray Vaughan and funk guitarist Nile Rogers of the dance band Chic.

Musician James McCartney (only son of Paul McCartney) was first inspired to play the guitar after seeing Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future, not by his father or The Beatles.

As a child Jimi Hendrix, being left-handed, would secretly restring his guitars to fit his left hand, but when his superstitious father was around (who believed it was bad luck to play with your left hand), he taught himself to play the normal guitar upside down.

Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker's guide was a guitarist and a friend of David Gilmour from Pink Floyd, and Adams played for Pink Floyd in their Earls Court concert in 1994. Adams played the guitar in the songs "Brain Damage" and "Eclipse".

Leo Fender, founder of the Fender Electric Guitar Company, couldn't play guitar and had no desire to learn.

Leo Fender, the founder of Fender and the person who developed the first solid-body electric guitar and electric bass guitar, never learned to play either instrument.

Kerry King, guitarist for Slayer, played the guitar riffs and solo for No Sleep till Brooklyn

Leo Fender, inventor of the most popular electric guitars in the world couldn't play the guitar himself

Pete Buck of R.E.M. had been playing guitar only a year before joining the band at 23 years old.

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