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Dimebag Darrel, former lead guitarist of Pantera, asked Eddie Van Halen if he could have a copy of the "Bumblebee" that appears on the back cover of Van Halen II. Eddie said yes, but never got around to it. After hearing the news of Dimebag's death, he had the original buried with Darrel.

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Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo on Michael Jackson's "Beat It" caused a speaker to catch on fire during its recording

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  1. In Frasier, many of the callers to Frasier's show were celebrities who phoned their lines into the studio without having to appear in person. Celebrities who called in include Christopher Reeve, Eddie Van Halen, Jay Leno, Matthew Broderick, Timothy Leary, Macauley Culkin, and Kevin Bacon.

  2. Eddie and Alex Van Halens original band “Mammoth” had no P.A. system of their own, so they’d rent David Lee Roth’s system for $50 a night. After years of Eddie singing lead vocals they figured they could save money by letting David Lee Roth into the band because he had the P.A. system.

  3. Before Darrell Dimebag Abbott was murdered on stage, Eddie Van Halen had agreed to make him a copy of his original 1979 Bumblebee guitar but never got around to it. Upon hearing of his tragic death, Eddie placed his actual Bumblebee guitar inside his casket.

  4. Dimebag Darrell once asked Eddie Van Halen for a copy of his guitar "Bumblebee" from the cover of Van Halen II. Eddie said yes but forgot, but after Dimebag was killed he turned up at the viewing with the original and it is now buried with him.

  5. Eddie Van Halen played the iconic guitar solo in Michael Jackson's Beat It. Also it was a favor and free of charge

  6. When Quincy Jones called to ask Eddie Van Halen to do the guitar solo on Michael Jackson's "Beat It", Van Halen thought it was a prank call and called Jones an asshole before hanging up on him.

  7. In the beginning of his career, Eddie Van Halen would play shows with his back to the audience, to keep anyone from stealing his technique

  8. When Eddie Van Halen recorded the guitar solo in Michael Jackson's "Beat It," the speakers literally caught on fire

  9. Eddie Van Halen started out on the drums and his brother Alex started on guitar. Alex would sneak over and use Eddie's drum while he was out. When Eddie caught him, out of frustration he yelled OK, you play drums and I'll go play your guitar."

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Eddie Van Halen played classical piano as a child and won the annual piano competition held at Long Beach City College three years in a row from 1964-67, an impressive feat, as he was only nine years old at the time of his first win.

Eddie Van Halen buried his original 1979 Black & Yellow guitar alongside Dimebag Darrell in 2004 - source

The drill used on the intro to Van Halen’s “Poundcake” was not planned. A tech left the drill near Eddie while working. Coincidentally the drill was in the same key as the song. He used it over the guitar pickup on the strings for the intro. The same drill was then used for live performances. - source

When Eddie Van Halen recorded the solo for MJ's Beat it, the monitors literally caught on fire.

While Eddie van Halen was recording the guitar solo for Michael Jackson's 'Beat It', the entire guitar amp burst into flames as he laid down the track. - source

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Whilst recording Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solo in Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, the studio’s monitor speakers spontaneously caught fire

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When they were recording the guitar riff for 'Beat It', played by Eddie Van Halen, the monitor speakers in the recording room literally caught fire.

Queen´s Brian May and Eddie van Halen along with other famous musicians recorded the theme song for "Star Fleet" a kid´s TV show in Britain.

In a performance of the song "Panama" with Van Halen on Jimmy Kimmel Live, David Lee Roth injured his nose twirling a mic stand. When he left the stage in the middle of the song, Eddie, Alex, and Wolfgang Van Halen gave the crowd an impromptu jam session of the "ease my seat back" part.

The speakers in the recording studio caught fire while Eddie Van Halen recorded the guitar solo for Michael Jackson’s “beat it”

Eddie Van Halen holds a patent for a hands free support for stringed instruments.

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While Eddie Van Halen was recording the guitar part for Michael Jackson's "Beat It", the studio speakers literally caught fire and techs had to rush in and put them out.

Sammy Hagar's mechanic was responsible for him becoming Van Halen's lead singer. - Eddie Van Halen was picking up his Lamborghini and saw a Ferrari there too. He asked the mechanic whose car it was. It was Sammy Hagar's car. The mechanic gave Eddie, Sammy's number which led to VH signing Hagar.

Eddie Van Halen started life as a drummer, not a guitarist

Eddie Van Halen is a real person, not a caricature. He starts playing at about 25 minutes in.

Eddie Van Halen's solo in Michael Jackson's "Beat It" was so good that recording it caused a studio speaker to catch fire.

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A 14 year old guitar prodigy that can play "Eruption" by Eddie Van Halen perfectly.

Eddie Van Halen did not invent the tapping technique, but a ukuleleist by the name of Roy Smeck did in the 1930's

Tablature was invented because it was the only way to explain how Eddie Van Halen played guitar

When Eddie Van Halen was recording the solo to Michael Jackson's Beat It, the guitar sounds caused the control room speakers to catch on fire

The revving engine noise in the song Panama by Van Halen is from one of Eddie's cars; a 1972 Miura S Lamborghini

So how to play Parts of Eruption and Spanish Fly on guitar by Eddie Van Halen!!🤟🤟

I learned that Eddie Van Halen played the guitar solo on Michael Jackson's 'Beat It'.

Eddie Van Halen said he copied the synth part for 'Jump' from 'Kiss on My List' from Hall & Oates.

Musician Eddie Van Halen blamed guitar picks for giving him tongue cancer.

Eddie Van Halen was on the No.1 and No.2 albums of the same year. His Van Halen album "1984" reached number 2 only behind "Thriller" which he was also a guitarist for Billie Jean.

Eddie Van Halen holds patents for guitar related inventions

Eddie Van Halen did the solo on Michael Jackson's "Beat It" for free. He thought at the time that no one else in his band would even know about it

Eddie Van Halen owns the patent for guitar peghead, amongst others.

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