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Joe Satriani's first student was Steve Vai. Both attended the same high school at the time.

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Steve Vai played all of the guitar riffs in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.

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  1. The lead guitar in the Halo Theme 'Mjolnir Mix' featured in Halo 2 was largely improvised by Steve Vai during his first listen to the backing track.

  2. When Steve Vai was a youngster, he played at an Frank Zappa Audition. Steve had an impossibile task to do on the guitar. Steve said that he cant do that. Zappa said "I hear Linda Ronstadt is looking for a guitar player". Steve apologized and just wanted to go..Frank said "you are in the band".

  3. Joe Satriani Was Steve's Vai's first guitar teacher.

  4. Guitarist Steve Vai had vials of his blood incorporated into the production of a short line of Ibanez guitars [5:26]

  5. Ibanez released a short series of guitars that have Steve Vai's blood infused into their bodies

  6. Not only did Grammy award winning rock/metal guitarist Steve Vai play the guitar for the Halo 2 tracks 'MJOLNIR Mix', 'Rock anthem for saving the world' and 'Reclamer' (among others), but he also assisted in Production of Sound for the entire Halo 2 soundtrack

  7. The song "Feed My Frankenstein" by Alice Cooper featured Steve Vai and Joe Satriani on guitars and Nikki Sixx on bass

  8. Steve Vai, who played the devil's ace in "Crossroads" turned 6 years old on 6/6/66.

  9. Famous Beekeepers Include: Aristotle, Hippocrates, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Maria von Trapp (The Sound of Music), Sir Edmond Hillary, Steve Vai, and Martha Stewart. Oh, and Morgan Freeman ;-)

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