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A new, low-cost wound dressing leverages energy generated from a patient's own body motions to apply gentle electrical pulses at the site of an injury. In rodent tests, the dressings reduced healing times to a mere three days compared to nearly two weeks for the normal healing process.

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The three organs that give electric eels the ability to generate electricity take up four fifths of its body. They can also control their victim's nervous system and muscles via electrical pulses, so they can keep prey from escaping or force it to move so they can locate its position

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  1. When the USAF B-2 Spirit stealth bomber detects a nuclear flash it'll "instantly shut down then reboot many of its electronic systems. Shutting down was the only way to avoid a pulse that would fry the components." Lightning is countered by protecting "electrical components" from over-amperage.

  2. In 1956, the pacemaker was accidentally invented when Wilson Greatbatch was building a device to monitor heart sounds and used a transistor that was 100 times more powerful than the ones he usually used. This resulted in electrical pulses that were similar to the rhythm of the human heart.

  3. Electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) can actually fry the U.S. electric grid(s) and send us back to the Stone Age without the aid of nuclear weapons AND we're overdue for a naturally occurring EMP.

  4. Electric eels, in addition to stunning their prey, can remote control other fish's nervous systems by sending out a pair of pulses, or "doublets". These electrical pulses force prey in hiding to spasm and reveal themselves.

  5. A scientist embedded LEDs in a prop prosthetic arm to demonstrate an electric eel attack. Each flash in the video represents the firing of the nerves in a potential predator. In each of the volleys at 600 volts, there are 200 pulses per second, a very good rate for causing pain.

  6. Anthony Holland an Associate Professor, Director of Music Technology at Skidmoore College successfully killed a variety of cancers using Oscillating Pulsed Electric Fields (OPEF).

  7. About the precordial thump. A rarely applicable/successful medical procedure to treat cardiac arrest by means of converting mechanical energy into an electric pulse of about 10 joules (i.e. a punch to the sternum.)

  8. Venus Fly trap plants can count electrical pulses (up to two)

  9. Stimulating the brain with rapid pulses of electricity can improve your ability to perform mental arithmetic for up to six months.

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