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The British SAS painted their jeeps bright pink to blend in at night and called then "Pink Panthers"

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Pink fiberglass insulation is trademarked by Owens-Corning, who stopped making it pink because they thought it would discourage male customers. Customers asked for it back and they got the United Artists trademark for the Pink Panther in 1979.

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  1. The triangle has appeared in the music of popular bands such as Queen (played by John Deacon), Joni Mitchell (in the song Big Yellow Taxi), and in the opening sequence of the theme for The Pink Panther.

  2. Members of a thief network, named "Pink Panthers" by Interpol, have stolen millions of dollars worth of jewels using methods such as driving Audis through a window, escaping on a speedboat, "Mission Impossible" style prosthetic make-up and dressing up as women.

  3. A collective of musicians called The Wrecking Crew are responsible for Phil Spector's Wall of Sound & numerous #1 hits for many 60s artists, the Pink Panther & Mission Impossible theme music and more.

  4. The second Pink Panther film (A Shot in the Dark) is an adaptation of a French play that had nothing to do with the Pink Panther movie. The main character was replaced by Inspector Clouseau after the success of The Pink Panther.

  5. The Pink Panther was originally a character that just appeared in the opening and closing sequences of the eponymous movies.

  6. The most successful gang of diamond thieves in the world, known as "The Pink Panthers," is credited with over 350 robberies totaling $500 million. In one robbery, they drove two Audis into a mall in Dubai, crashed through the doors of a jewelry store and stole diamonds worth $3.5 million.

  7. Rich Little has been an uncredited over-dubbed voice on occasions when the other talent were unable or ill like David Niven in The Pink Panther and Gene Kelly in a 1991 TV special. Once he covered for Stacy Keach's Mike Hammer role while Keach was arrested in London for cocaine.

  8. Cheeto's Chester Cheetah and The Pink Panther are related since they were drawn by the same artist, Hawley Pratt.

  9. There is an online archive called Internet Movie Firearm Database where you can learn exactly which weapons were used in movies, such as which guns are featured in Steve Martin's "The Pink Panther 2"

  10. “LEARNED SOME MATH”? playing Pink Panther theme song with Marker

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