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Pill Bugs are not insects but land crustaceans related to lobsters and shrimp. They breathe through gills, can drink through their anus, and excrete gas through their exoskeleton instead of urinating.

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Pill bugs are actually crustaceans, not insects

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  1. Pill bugs (A.K.A rollie pollies) are actually crustaceans that adapted to live entirely on land

  2. Pill bugs, AKA (Roly polies, Potato bugs, etc), are not insects, but are closely related to shrimp and other crustaceans. They also have gills.

  3. Pill bugs are not 'bugs' at all. They are land-dwelling crustaceans.

  4. Roly polys or Pill bugs are actually crustaceans and have gills

  5. Pill bugs aka Roly polies aren't insects. They are terrestrial crustaceans and they are edible; they taste similar to shrimps.

  6. Rollie pollies (pill bugs) are not insects, they are crustaceans. They are related to shrimp and crayfish, breathe with gills, and need humidity or moisture to survive.

  7. Pill bugs (Roly Polys) are not insects; they're crustaceans.

  8. The Woodlice (aka terrestrial isopods, pill bugs, potato bugs, rolly-pollies) reportedly taste like urine, and despite being crustaceans they can be found in forests, mountains, subterranean lakes and even deserts.

  9. Woodlice (aka Roly-Poly's or Pill Bugs) are a part of the crustacean family

  10. Woodlice (pill bugs or roly polys) taste like strong urine.

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