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The Hoff Crab is a deep sea crustacean that survives off hydrothermal vents and was nicknamed after David Hasselhoff because of it's hairy chest.

The deep sea 'Hoff Crab' is named because it has a dense covering of setae on its exoskeleton which resembles the hairy chest of the actor David Hasselhoff.

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  1. A species of crab was discovered whose underside is aligned with setae which resembles chest hair. This crab was nicknamed the "Hoff Crab" after David Hassheloff who has a really hairy chest.

  2. Researchers at Southampton University identified six new species of animals in the Indian Ocean in 2016 including a polychaete worm, a scaleworm, a limpet, a whelk-like snail, a hoff crab, and a giant peltospirid snail. They were found in hydrothermal vents underneath the Indian Ocean.

  3. There is a crab species called "the hoff crab" that is named after David Hasselhoff because it has a "hairy chest"

  4. About "Hoff crabs", a species of crabs who are named after David Hasselhoff because of their hairy chests, and because they "spend their entire lives in the water competing for top spots and females".

  5. There's a species of squat lobster named the "Hoff Crab" because it's dense covering of setae resembles David Hasselhoffs chest.

  6. Hoff Crabs Were Named After David Hasselhoff Due to The Crab's Hairy Chest.

  7. There is a species of deep sea lobster called the Hoff Crab. Named after David Hasselhoff thanks to its hairy chest.

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