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During the filing of the movie "Titanic" 50 members of the film's cast and crew were rushed to hospital for suspected food poisoning. The actual cause of their ailment was discovered to be lobster chowder maliciously laced with PCP.

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Whilst filming the "Titanic" someone spiked a lobster chowder with PCP. Whilst some people went to the ER, Bill Paxton's remedy after consuming the PCP laced food was to drink a case of beer.

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  1. The cast of Titanic was served PCP laced clam chowder on the last day of filming in Nova Scotia. Hundred of cast/crew were affected- hallucinations and even some required hospitalization. The chowder was so good, many had multiple servings.

  2. During filming of 'Titanic' in 1996, somebody laced the cast and crews lunch with PCP, causing over 60 individuals, including James Cameron and Bill Paxton, to experience hallucinogenic effects. One crew member stabbed James Cameron with a pen, and other crew members formed a conga line.

  3. While Shooting Titanic, a Disgruntled Crew Member Laced Dinner with PCP, Sending 50+ People to the Hospital. James Cameron was Able to Vomit Before the Drug Got Him.

  4. On the last night of filming, the cast of The Titanic's Clam Chowder Soup was laced with PCP and a few cast members had to be hospitalized.

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