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While working on "Malcolm In The Middle," Bryan Cranston joined a song writers guild so that he got paid royalties for the tunes he hummed and whistled on the show. He threw parties for the cast and crew with the royalty cheques and as a result the crew encouraged more humming.

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George Lucas made the working title of Star Wars Episode II "Jar Jar's Great Adventure" to troll the cast and crew, even labeling the script as such in the original drafts.

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  1. Christopher Lee read "The Lord of the Rings" once a year until his death in 2015 and had done so since the year it was published, and is the only member of the cast and crew ever to have met J.R.R. Tolkien.

  2. Phyllis Smith who portrayed Phyllis on 'The Office' did not audition for the part. She was a member of the casting crew... the director liked her demeanor so much that he offered her a role in the show.

  3. During the shooting of the Killer Rabbit scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the crew dyed the rabbit with what they assumed was washable red dye. When they realized it wasn't, shooting was halted while the cast frantically tried to clean it before the owner realized what happened.

  4. John Wayne likely died from cancer caused by radiation poisoning. 90 other cast and crew also developed cancers after shooting The Conqueror downwind from recent US government nuclear weapons tests.

  5. David Yost (The Blue Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) left the show because he was being harassed by cast and crew for his sexual orientation. He later tried conversion therapy, had a mental breakdown, moved to Mexico and accepted his sexuality.

  6. Hugh Jackman buys lottery tickets for the entire cast and crew every Friday while filming a movie. It's a tradition he started in an effort to get to know one another and encourage comradery and team work among the crew.

  7. Tom Hanks intentionally gained 50 pounds to film the first half of Cast Away. He then took a year off to lose the weight and grow out his hair prior to filming the second half. During the break, the director and most of the crew went off to film What Lies Beneath.

  8. Whenever the final joke on an episode of "Seinfeld" didn't receive enough laughs from the live audience, the cast and crew would come out on stage and pitch ideas for how to make the ending funnier, so that the episodes always ended well.

  9. Gunsmoke, the longest running television series of the 20th century, was cancelled so abruptly that CBS didn't even bother to tell the cast and crew. They read about it in trade publications the next day.

  10. When the film "Clerks" by Kevin Smith was first screened at the Independent Feature Film Market in 1993, only 12 people showed up, including Kevin himself and 10 people from the cast and crew, and 2 random people.

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The Mummy had a hazardous production. The cast and crew had a special drink to prevent dehydration, many crew members had to be airlifted out after snake and spider bites, the production took out kidnapping insurance on the cast and Brendan Fraser almost died filming the scene where he's hanged.

Roar, the most dangerous movie ever made. The movie had 110 untrained lions, tigers, cheetahs, cougars and jaguars, which led to 70 cast and crew members being injured. The injuries ranged fron broken bones to scalpings and gangrene. - source

Sonny Landham, who played the quiet, reflective Native American tracker Billy in "Predator", was notoriously violent and difficult to work with. Eventually, the insurance company for the film forced the studio to hire a full-time bodyguard to protect the cast and crew from Sonny. - source

The 1981 film Roar used real lions during filming, resulting in at least 70 cast and crew being injured. A crew member was scalped, another had his throat bitten out, and and much of the footage of attacks was used in the final cut of the film. The blood seen in the movie is real.

'family values' activist Terry Rakolta wrote to several advertisers asking for them to pull their ads from the show, Married... With Children. Some did but the media coverage it got is what made it a major hit. The cast and crew sent Rakolta flowers every year they were renewed. - source

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Mia Farrow's husband, famous singer Frank Sinatra, was furious when she landed the lead role in Rosemary's Baby. Previously, Sinatra had demanded she forgo her career when they wed, and he served her divorce papers via a corporate lawyer in front of the cast and crew midway through filming.

Real skeletons were used in the filming of the original Poltergeist, leading many of the cast and crew to believe that the production of the movie itself was haunted.

The cast and crew of Borat nearly started a riot during the filming of the rodeo scene where Borat sings the (made up) Kazakhstan national Anthem to the tune of the American national anthem.

The cast and crew of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia had no idea that they'd been nominated for a People's Choice Award until after they'd won it.

The Lord of the Rings cast and crew went to's Oscar party instead of the Vanity Fair parties

When Crispin Glover was recast after Back to the Future Part 1, the crew was able to reverse cast prosthetics made for Glover to make a doppelganger for part 2 and 3. Glover sued, won and the Screen Actors Guild made a rule that no film can use the likeness of an actor without consent.

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Unknown to any cast and crew, the Water Buffalo Jack Black's character rides in Tropic Thunder was pregnant during filming. It gave birth during production and was named "Little Jack".

The bees used in the movie Candyman were specially bred for use in the movie. By only allowing the bees to age for 12 hours, they had the look of a mature bee, but without a developed stinger to use on the cast and crew.

Charlie the goat who played Black Philip in the 2015 movie The Witch was so problematic on set that numerous intended scenes had to be dropped from filming, after the violent and uncooperative billy goat tormented the cast and crew and sent one actor to the hospital with a dislodged tendon

The lobster chowder given to the cast and crew of Titanic on the last night of filming was drugged with PCP (Angel dust)

During the filming of Titanic, an unknown person spiked the lobster chowder with PCP. Cast and crew, including director James Cameron, suffered hallucinations. The culprit was never identified.

91 of the 220 cast and crew of the movie The Conqueror, including John Wayne and Susan Hayward, died of cancer suspected to be caused by radioactivity in St. George, Utah, downwind of 1950s atomic bomb tests at the Nevada Test Site. The director shipped 60 tons of dirt back to Hollywood,too

Pixar first introduced the concept of "Production Babies" (babies born to cast and crew during production) to credits in their first film Toy Story. In the movie Tangled, they introduced "Chameleon Babies" since the real life chameleon used to model Pascal became a father during production.

Gilligan's Planet, an animated sequel to Gilligan's Island, featuring the majority of the original cast, in which the Professor builds a wooden spaceship that gets the crew stranded on an alien world.

Katherine Hepburn only drank water throughout The African Queen production as a protest of Humphrey Bogart’s alcoholism. However, most of the cast and crew became sick from the water and only Bogart was unaffected because he only drank whiskey. Thank you r/movies

Peter Dinklage's film debut was in 1995, acting along Steven Buscemi in "Living In Oblivion" -- a low budget independent drama-comedy about a cast and crew filming a low budget independent film in the middle of New York City

During the Battlestar Galactica episode "33," which emphasises the crew's sleep deprivation, actor Edward James Olmos made the cast actually deprive themselves of sleep before filming to enhance the effects they were meant to act

During the filing of the movie "Titanic" 50 members of the film's cast and crew were rushed to hospital for suspected food poisoning. The actual cause of their ailment was discovered to be lobster chowder maliciously laced with PCP.

During the filming of Titanic, 80 cast and crew were hospitalized from hallucinations after 'pranksters' spiked the clam chowder with PCP (Angel Dust).

The film 'The Conqueror', in which John Wayne played Genghis Khan, was filmed near to a nuclear test site. 91 of the film's 220 cast and crew members developed cancer later in life.

In filming the 1981 movie "Roar", Cinematographer Jan de Bont had his scalp lifted by a lion, resulting in 220 stitches. Over 70 of the cast and crew were injured during the course of production, which lasted 11 years.

The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation performed a comedy skit in 1994 in support of Comic Relief (hosted by Billy Crystal, Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg), in which the crew discusses show memorabilia found on an archaeological mission, and make cracks about the name “who-pie”.

During the filming of The Bridge At Remagen in Czechoslovakia, the Soviets invaded the country. As a result, the cast and the film crew made a mad dash to the West in taxis.

The cast and crew of Seinfeld decided to stop filming an episode where Jerry bought a handgun midway through because "trying to make that funny ended up being no fun."

No animals were harmed in the making of the 1981 movie roar, but 70 cast and crew members were as they lived in the company of 150 undomesticated lions, tigers, jaguars, and cheetahs.

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