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The Paraguayan War was the bloodiest war in Latin American history. Paraguay lost nearly 70% of their male population. After the war, some surviving men began to practice polygamy due to the gender disparity in an attempt to recover the population.

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The Paraguayan War reduced Paraguay's population from 525,000 to 221,000, of which only 28,000 were male

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  1. The Paraguayan War caused casualties of up to 680,000 people, leading to reduction of males in its society by 87.5%. Meaning 220,000 survived the war, of whom only 28,000 were adult males.

  2. The Paraguayan War (1864-1870) killed an estimated 60-69% of Paraguay's population, resulting in a 20:1 female:male ratio in some villages and 4:1 ratio overall

  3. During the Paraguayan War (1864-1870), the contents of the Paraguayan national archives were taken to Brazil's national library in Rio de Janeiro, and have been held there unavailable to scholars for research since then.

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