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Sharks have rush hour too: a study found that shark traffic on major routes around Palmyra Atoll peaked between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m

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Of the U.S.'s territories, population >4 million, the full Constitution only applies in one: Palmyra Atoll, permanent population 0

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  1. The only incorporated territory of the United States is Palmyra Atoll, an unoccupied 5 sq. mile piece of land 3400 miles from its nearest continent that is subject to all provisions of the U.S. Constitution and is permanently under American sovereignty.

  2. About a 1974 mysterious double murder on Palmyra Atoll, the only unorganized incorporated territory of the United States, in which the suspects couldn't be proven guilty of murder until one day the victims' bodies were unearthed.

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