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The codenames for the WWII D-Day beach landings, including the codename for the entire operation 'Overlord', were published by accident as Crossword solutions in the months before the landings, sparking a major security alert

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Colonel Edward Shames, who fought in and survived Operation Overlord, Market Garden, AND the Battle of the Bulge

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  1. In 1944, the Daily Telegraph published several crosswords with clues to Operation Overlord. Leonard Dawe, who compiled crosswords from DT, overheard those words from students who overheard them from soldiers at a nearby base.

  2. Air Force Lt. Col. John M. Donalson named the plane he piloted during Operation Overlord "That's All, Brother" as a "message to Adolf Hitler" that Nazi Germany's days were numbered

  3. Operation Smash was the first use of the DD tanks. Before Operation overlord

  4. Operation Overlord was acutally planned for June 5th, 1944. However it was postponed until the following day due to poor weather.

  5. D-day was actually a smaller operation within "Operation Overlord". It was officially known as "Operation Neptune", and was part of a three month battle that destroyed over 6000 tanks, and killed or disabled over 400,000 men.

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