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In 2007 a married couple unknowingly cheated with each other online. They set up a date, and were so disappointed with the revelation that they got divorced.

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Wearing a red shirt will get you more attention in online dating sites, as it signals to the viewer you are sexually receptive, and also help you to hitchhike

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  1. According to research conducted by OkCupid, black women are the least popular on online dating sites even though they are the most likely to respond

  2. 91% of singles in America have tried online dating, and those who get married through online dating do so almost 2 years quicker than their offline counterparts.

  3. David Glasheen, having lost millions in the 1987 stockmarket crash, went to live on an island 1500 miles off the coast of Brisbane. He grows veggies, brews beer, and had a go at finding a wife to join him via online dating using solar powered internet.

  4. a distinguished professor of physics and astronomy at UNC-Chapel Hill was tricked by someone he met on an online dating site into smuggling 2 kilos of cocaine into Argentina

  5. "There is no compelling evidence that any online dating matching algorithm actually works."

  6. Race definitely matters when it comes to online dating. A study of online dating found "All men except Asians preferred Asian women, while all except black women preferred white men"

  7. One-third of people who have used online dating have never actually gone on a date with someone they met on these sites.

  8. There is an eerie online discussion forum that dates back pre 9/11 that did not age well

  9. YouTube originally started as an online dating site

  10. Online dating originated in the early 1960's, where people would mail in filled out questionnaires that were processed by a room-sized computer in order to find a potential match.

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online dating fact data chart about Results of 6.5 weeks of mostly online dating for a single wh
Results of 6.5 weeks of mostly online dating for a single white 37 year old woman

online dating fact data chart about Visualising Reddit's most popular online dating sub, /r/r4r
Visualising Reddit's most popular online dating sub, /r/r4r -

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Studies show 1 out of every 10 online dating profiles are fake, a scam, or "catfishing" - source

In some states, when you register to vote someone can buy your information and put it online. Address, phone number, email, date of birth, race, etc. (More links in the comments) - source

Asian Men and Black Women are the least desirable demographics for online dating. Although strong preferences to date the same race has gone down, attractions to certain races have remained the same.

The most highly confident young men have the least success in online dating (according to dating site's data) - source

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The WELL (Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link), an online community dating back to 1985 with different "Conferences" dedicated to categories/topics each with posts and moderators. It still exists requires users use real names, charges a membership fee, but there are no ads and they sell no data.

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In online dating, everyone's a little racist

YouTube Was Originally Going To Be A Video Online Dating Website

Online dating is bringing us closer together.

The founder of online dating Gary Kremen ironically got dumped by his girlfriend because she met her new lover on (the site he created).

A study of 25 million online dating accounts revealed men had a bias against black women & women had a bias against black & Asian men

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online dating fact infographic about Survival analysis of the girls I've met in online dating

Survival analysis of the girls I've met in online dating

online dating fact infographic about Real world results from 2.5 years of Online Dating as a 28 y

Real world results from 2.5 years of Online Dating as a 28 year old straight man in the DC area.

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Original idea for YouTube was a video version of an online dating service, and had been influenced by the website Hot or Not

The most desirable men according to online dating statistics are aged 45-50

Jostens has an online list of class rings that are waiting for their owners to claim them; the oldest dates back to 1936.

K9 Officer's that are killed in action are eulogized online and given an "End of Watch" date, their death. Got me in the feels.

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Netflix has an online list of upcoming Netflix Originals and their premiere dates.

AI will reorganize the human population, because online dating works not only with people but also with places.

I could scan a file for viruses online instantly with 56 up to date scanners at the same time using virustotal. I work in IT and see files slip by antiviruses all the time. If you suspect a file from an email, scan it with virustotal before opening!

An online dating study found that females peaked in desirability at 18 years old while men peaked at 50 years old.

Rapper RiFF RAFF's online store allows you to buy him for a dinner date, bachelor party, calling your parents and much more.

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