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Nigerian scammer, Emmannuel Nwude once sold a fake airport to an International bank for $242 million

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Nigerian scammers sold a fake airport for $242 million dollars.

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  1. Mike, the scambaiter who conned a “Nigerian Prince” out of $80 by pretending to be Father Hector Barnett of ‘The Church of the Painted Breast’ and convincing the scammer to take part in the church's initiation process.

  2. Someone tricked a Nigerian scammer into hand writing an entire Harry Potter novel, the whole 293 pages and scanned with a scan width of 1200 pixel. He offered to pay him $100 per page if he was willing to do the work.

  3. The "Nigerian Prince" scam is deliberately crafted with an outlandish premise and using poor english, because by sending an email that repels all but the most gullible the scammer gets the most promising marks to self-select, reducing "false positive" responses and increasing profitability

  4. The bad grammar and spelling errors found in scam emails & phishing attempts from Nigerian princes (etc) is done on purpose; spell checkers are intentionally not used: Research from Microsoft suggests that email scammers maximise profits by entrapping only the most gullible who overlook spelling

  5. A man scammed a Nigerian prince scammer into joining a fake religion and sending him money, scamming the scammer

  6. Nigerian scammers say they are from Nigeria to weed out the smart people.

  7. A group of scambaiters got a Nigerian scammer to tattoo himself in the name of a fake church.

  8. Nigerians scammers managed to sell an imaginary airpot to an international bank for $242 million between 1995 and 1998.

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What is a nigerian princess?

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The "Nigerian Prince scam" dates as far back as the 18th century. Using Nigeria for the scam only started around the '80 in Germany. The reason Nigeria is used is to te repel all but the most gullible people. Funfact: Nigerian scammers call their marks "Maga(s)"

Someone convinced Nigerian scammers to recreate the Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch - source

Nigerian e-scammers (the ones who send the infamous "Nigerian Prince" emails) refer to their gullible marks as "maghas" (pronouced Ma-gas) - source

I learned someone managed to catch a Nigerian email scammer on camera, all from in front of their computer

About a guy who tricked an online Nigerian scammer into creating and sending him wood carvings as part of an "Art Scholarship" - source

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Emmanuel Nwude and a gang of Nigerian scammers made $242 million by convincing the director of a bank to invest in a new airport

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Scambaiters once convinced some Nigerian scammers into recreating Monty Python's famous 'Dead Parrot' skit and filming it. (video in comments)

The guy who sang "I Go Chop Your Dollar" which is known as the Anthem for Nigerian email scammers (419 scam), was arrested in Amsterdam as part of a crackdown on a series of lottery-based (419-lite) scams.

Some people scam Nigerian scammers back.

A shocking thing about Nigerians. Is it true that Nigerians are not scammers? Well see for yourself.

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It is possible to scam a Nigerian email scammer into traveling to find non-existent money around 11000 km away from where he lives

Emmanuel Nwedu, a Nigerian scammer, convinved a major international bank to invest $242 millions in a fake airport and the scam wasn't discovered for three years.

In Prague, pensioner Jiri Pasovsky shot and killed an innocent official at the Nigerian embassy who tried to tell him the embassy could not return $600,000 he'd lost to a Nigerian scammer

Nigerian scammers purposely misspell words in scam letters to ensure that the person reading is stupid enough to fall for the scam.

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