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Mike, the scambaiter who conned a “Nigerian Prince” out of $80 by pretending to be Father Hector Barnett of ‘The Church of the Painted Breast’ and convincing the scammer to take part in the church's initiation process.

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The "Nigerian Prince" scam is deliberately crafted with an outlandish premise and using poor english, because by sending an email that repels all but the most gullible the scammer gets the most promising marks to self-select, reducing "false positive" responses and increasing profitability

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  1. The Nigerian prince scam is so popular in Nigeria there was a hit song praising it.

  2. Nigerian Prince e-mail scams are intentionally obvious to MOST people

  3. The bad grammar and spelling errors found in scam emails & phishing attempts from Nigerian princes (etc) is done on purpose; spell checkers are intentionally not used: Research from Microsoft suggests that email scammers maximise profits by entrapping only the most gullible who overlook spelling

  4. A man scammed a Nigerian prince scammer into joining a fake religion and sending him money, scamming the scammer

  5. In 2013, those Nigerian Prince scam emails managed to make 12.7 billion dollars.

  6. The Nigerian Prince scam is actually older than the internet (200 years old).

  7. Advance-fee scams like the "Nigerian Prince" most commonly originate in the United States (61%) followed by 16% in the UK and 6% in Nigeria.

  8. The Nigerian Prince money scams we all know and love date back to the 1830s when they were sent by post.

  9. The "Nigerian Prince scam" dates as far back as the 18th century. Using Nigeria for the scam only started around the '80 in Germany. The reason Nigeria is used is to te repel all but the most gullible people. Funfact: Nigerian scammers call their marks "Maga(s)"

  10. The "Nigerian Prince" scam is nothing new. One Canadian woman, under the pseudonym Cassie L. Chadwick (1857 – 1907), defrauded several U.S. banks out of millions of dollars by claiming to be an illegitimate daughter and heiress of Andrew Carnegie.

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People have been using the "Nigerian prince" scam since the late 16th century

There is no such thing as a Nigerian Prince, and there never was - source

Someone was allegedly caught in relation to the “Nigerian prince” scam. Michae Neu, from Slidell, Louisiana, is suspected of being the scam's "middle man" who obtained money and "subsequently wired" funds to his co-conspirators in Nigeria. - source

A Banker lost nearly a quarter billion dollars to a 419 (Nigerian Prince) Scam

Nigerian e-scammers (the ones who send the infamous "Nigerian Prince" emails) refer to their gullible marks as "maghas" (pronouced Ma-gas) - source

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There is a scam around Julie Leach, an actual 50 year old $310M lottery winner from Michigan, that is now a modern day Nigerian prince scam where a person pretends to be her.

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The classic Nigerian Prince scam originated in the 16th century.

A county treasurer in Michigan, accused of an embezzlement scheme, fell for the Nigerian Prince scam, losing up to $1.25 million in county funds and his own life savings.

The "Nigerian Prince" scam was around before the internet and even Nigeria itself.

David Oyelowo is a Nigerian Prince, ruling over the Kingdom of Awe in Oyo state, Nigeria.

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"Nigerian Prince" style scams began in the 1980s via postal mail, with letters addressed to women's husbands asking what to do with multi-million dollar investments hidden in Nigeria. The spread of email lowered the costs and increased the effectiveness of these scams.

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The last monarch of Nigeria was Elizabeth II, so anyone claiming to be a Nigerian prince is in fact claiming to be a member of the British Royal family

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