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Electricity was introduced to Ethiopia in 1896 after Emperor Menelik II ordered two newly invented electric chairs as a form of humane capital punishment and realized they were useless in his country without electricity

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The Amazon River once flowed into the Pacific Ocean, but was dammed up by the newly formed Andes Mountains. The Amazon's basin then became a giant lake until it eroded away sandstone to the west, letting the lake drain into the Atlantic and forming the modern river.

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  1. Victoria Woodhull who was the first woman to run for president in the 1872 election by the newly formed National Woman's Suffrage Association. On the day before the election, she was arrested for "publishing an obscene newspaper" and was unable to cast a vote for herself.

  2. Martin van Buren was the first president born in the newly formed United States, but spoke Dutch as his first language.

  3. The New York City Police Riot of 1857, a battle between the recently dissolved Municipal Police and the newly formed Metropolitan Police. Municipals fought Metropolitans attempting to arrest the corrupt Mayor Wood. The situation later required the intervention of the New York State Militia.

  4. The Earths first mass extinction event was caused by the newly formed Oxygen molecule. Known as the Oxygen Holocaust, the event caused the mass extinction of cellular life all over the planet some 2.4 Billion years ago.

  5. The Harlem Globetrotters were originally a serious basketball team and shocked the nation in 1948 when the all-black Globetrotters beat the all-white Minneapolis Lakers on a dramatic buzzer beater. Ex-Globetrotters soon become the first black players to be signed in the newly formed NBA.

  6. On 23 April 1981, the US Coast Guard Cutter Diligence was attacked by the navy of the newly formed Conch Republic. The Conch Republic launched a furious assault with water balloons. Given the sudden attack, Diligence returned fire with fire hoses. The Conch Republic Navy surrendered.

  7. French Treasury Chief Etienne de Silhouette, whose penny-pinching ways inspired the term 'à la Silhouette' for things perceived as austere. These included a newly popular form of portraiture using a shadow profile cut from black paper.

  8. Allosaurus had 16 teeth (on average) in each jaw. They were 3 to 4 inches long and serrated on the edges. Old, worn-out teeth were frequently replaced with newly formed teeth.

  9. Mature bark of madrone tree is dark red colored. Each year during the summer, madrone tree discards large pieces of old bark and exposes newly formed, smooth, yellowish green bark underneath.

  10. In 1855, President Franklin Pierce promoted Johnston to colonel and put him in command of the newly formed 2nd Cavalry of the U.S. Army.

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Parasaurolophus had hundreds of miniature teeth designed for fine grinding of plant material. Worn-out teeth in the front part of the mouth were subsequently replaced with newly formed teeth located in the back part of the mouth. Teeth replacement was continuous process. It lasted throughout the life of this dinosaurs.

Leopold went on to write the newly formed Forest Service's first game and fish handbook.

Bark of sycamore is covered with creamy-white and reddish-brown patches on the surface. Creamy patches represent newly formed, fresh bark, while reddish-brown pieces represent exfoliating, old bark.

Scientists are working on the project aimed to revive the passenger pigeon (this method is called de-extinction). DNA of the closest living species of pigeon can be modified to resemble DNA of passenger pigeon via genetic engineering. Newly formed DNA should be inserted into the reproductive cells of embryo of band-tailed pigeon and one day, when band-tailed pigeon becomes old enough to reproduce, it will produce eggs with passenger pigeons inside.

In response to desegregation Prince Edward County, Virginia shut down all public schools from 1959 - 1964, sending white children to newly formed whites-only private schools, denying education to black children for five years. - source

What happens when newly formed species come together?

In 1860, he was appointed as the first-ever Regis Chair of Logic and the Regis Chair of English at the newly formed University of Aberdeen, which was established from the merger of three different area universities.

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In hotly contested legal battles over the patents, Meucci lost out to the newly formed Bell Telephone, who went on to fight other legal battles with other communication entities.

Drones fly away from the colony when they reach adult stage. They die as soon as they fertilize newly-formed queens.

There is an urban legend about German "almost" being an official language of the newly formed United States, in which Congress debated postponing the idea, but it was defeated by one vote, that vote being from House Speaker Frederick Muhlenberg, him being of German heritage himself.

The after the french revolution, the newly formed government established a calendar with 1792 as the Year 1; months, days and hours on a 10 based system, and new pretty names for the months, such as Floreal and Vendémiaire

The really bright spots that can be seen in spiral galaxies are newly formed, large stars.

Stage in mitosis when newly formed cells separate?

Males often display their fins as a part of courtship. Newly formed couple swims together during the spawning.

The process to make the very top part of the epidermis starts at the bottom part of the epidermis, where new skin cells are being formed. As they form, they push up, and the older dead layer on top rubs off. It takes about 2 weeks to a month normally for a newly formed cell to die and reach the top part of the epidermis.

Beech has oval leaves that are finely toothed on the edges. Newly formed leaves are brightly green and covered with hairs. Older leaves lack hairs; they are dark green in color.

Benjamin Franklin's son, William. William was a last Royal Governor of New Jersey and staunch opponent of the American Revolution. After the war was won by the colonies, William Franklin led guerrilla war campaigns against several of the newly formed states.

Confederate forces led by Brigadier General Henry E. McCulloch attempted to disrupt the Union supply lines about fifteen miles north of Vicksburg, resulting in the Battle of Milliken's Bend on June 7, 1863. The Confederates were repulsed by two Union gunboats, The 23rd Iowa, two companies of the 10th Illinois Cavalry, and the newly formed colored African Brigade.

How are newly formed sediments transported to new locations?

After many of the Lakota were given amnesty by the Unite States government, Black Elk returned to live on the newly formed Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota in 1881.

The 1793 War of the Vendée, in which the newly formed French Republic brutally suppressed rural Royalists' revolt against the Revolution.

The Finnish civil war where 90.000 Finns on each side fought for the Future of Finland in 1918, Whites (Monarchists backed by Germany) against Reds (Communists backed by the newly formed RSFSR), Whites established the Kingdom of Finland dissolved shortly after the same year for a republic.

In the 80's, just 35 years ago, it was fairly common practice to operate on newly born babies without any form of anesthesia. Even open hart churgery! Just gave them a bunch of muscle relaxers so they didn't squirm and cutting could commence.

Grebes, a type of water bird, eat their own feathers to form a protective lining against fish bones in their digestive systems. When they are newly hatched, their parents feed them feathers along with their fish.

As a form of protest against mainland China's increased control over Hong Kong, two newly elected lawmakers in Hong Kong's Legislative Council deliberately misspoke during their oath of office by saying "People's Refucking of Shina" rather than "People's Republic of China"

The success of"19", the One Hit Wonder from Paul Hardcastle, helped finance his manager's newly formed business which he named 19 Entertainment after the song. 19 Entertainment and its owner, Simon Fuller, would go on to sign the Spice Girls and produce shows like American Idol

Around 70,000 British loyalists migrated from the newly formed United States to the British colonies in the north after the American Revolution ended

Whenever a hermit crab finds a shell too big for itself it'll wait until a queue forms and an individual that fits the shell is found. Then an exchange will occur - smaller crabs will move to newly emptied shells.

From 1915 to 1958 the the federal agency known today as NASA was run under a different acronym, NACA. In October of 1958 NACA was disolved and all projects and research were transferred to the newly form NASA agency.

The United States did not originally have a President. Only after a rebellion occurred in the newly formed state of Massachusetts was the constitution signed to replace the Articles of Confederation, allowing Washington to come out of retirement and become the first President.

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