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During the 1872 election, presidential incumbent Ulysses S. Grant ran against a corpse. His opponent, Horace Greeley, died before the election was finalized. Grant won the election.

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In 1872, Presidential Candidate Horace Greeley died before the Electoral College officially balloted, resulting in his receiving electoral votes after his death.

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  1. During the Draft Riot of 1863, Henry Raymond, owner and editor of The New York Times, averted the rioters with Gatling guns, one of which he manned. The mob, instead, attacked the headquarters of abolitionist Horace Greeley's New York Tribune until forced to flee by the Brooklyn Police.

  2. Horace Greeley is the only major-party presidential candidate to receive no electoral votes. Devastated by his landslide loss to Grant, he died before the Electoral College convened so his 66 electoral votes were scattered to 4 other candidates.

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