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With an estimated 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris is the only human organ that exists solely for pleasure.

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There are nerve endings that exist only to recognize a gentle stroking touch. Their activation decreases the heart rate and activates the smile muscle. Their optimal speed is 3-5 cm/s, which means we are genetically wired to cuddle and caress each other at predetermined velocities.

Which substances are secreted at the endings of nerve cells?

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  1. The human stomach has more nerve endings than the spinal cord, giving a bit more meaning to gut feeling.

  2. Babies put anything/everything into their mouths because it's where their most-developed nerve endings are.

  3. Tuatara has third eye (called parietal eye) that is visible on top of the head of hatchlings. After 4 to 6 months, this structure becomes covered with scales. Third eye contains elements of regular eye such as retina, cornea and nerve endings. Tuatara probably uses it to detect daily changes in light and seasonal changes.

  4. Unusual effects of the flower heads are result of substance called spilanthol which stimulates nerve endings in the mouth and triggers salivation.

  5. The spinal cord does not run down the complete length of the spine, it ends at about the second lumbar. The portion of nerve tissue after that is called the "cauda equina" or horse's tail.

  6. We have specialized nerve endings, Pruriceptors, which only transmit “itching” sensations to our brain if stimulated. Scratching interups them by stimulating pain nerve receptors and tricking our brain to pay attention to those new sensations thus relieving us from the pruriceptors signaling.

  7. The Human Foreskin Grows To 15 Square Inches and Contains Significantly Over Half (70-80%) of All Penile Nerve Endings

  8. The cornea has more nerve endings than any other exposed area of the human body

  9. Paper-cuts hurt so much because papers cut more like a saw than a knife destroying the tissues on our fingertips and leaving the nerve-ending wide open.

  10. The female clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings...(this includes Ariel from the Little Mermaid)

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Adam Pearson who acted in the movie "Under the Skin" has a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis, that causes growth of non cancerous tumors along nerve endings

the lengthy route that the laryngeal nerve travels from the brain, down into the chest, before ending at the voice box, is strong evidence of a lack of intelligent design and supports evolution. - source

A clitoris is about 4 inches long and has around 8,000 sensitive nerve endings. - source

Nerve endings our the fingertips perform neural computations that were thought to occur in the brain

Some often unknown facts about the vagina. Specifically, the record for orgasms in an hour stands at 134, the vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism and the clitoris has 8000 nerve endings compared to the 4000 the penis contains. - source

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There are tactile Nerve endings in your anus that can tell the difference between them when you have to fart vs when you have to poop

How many nerve endings are in the anus?

In an effort to end world hunger, Dr. Gerhard Schrader accidentally discovered the nerve agent Sarin.

The "when I came but she still sucking" gif only applies to circumcised men. It has to do with a lack of nerve endings at the tip of the penis.

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