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Polypropylene "string" breast implants (now banned by the FDA) which irritate the breast tissue causing them to fill with fluid, resulting in "cartoonishly large breasts". The continual expansion means the fluid must regularly be removed by a surgeon.

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Male soldiers in the German military started growing breasts on their left sides due to repeated smacking of their rifles against their chests during precision drills. The focused strikes stimulated the production of hormones causing breast tissue to grow in over 70% of the soldiers.

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  1. The first sign of breast cancer is usually a lump that is distinguishable from other breast tissue.

  2. When you bite into chicken breast that doesn't taste right and is chewy, this is called "woody chicken breast" and isn't harmful to humans. Researchers believe this is related to inadequate blood supply to the tissue and don't yet know how to fix this before it threatens the poultry industry

  3. Breast cancer develops when cancer cells form in breast tissue.

  4. Pigeons can be trained to distinguish normal and cancerous breast tissue just by looking at digitized slides

  5. Breast implants feel hard because of scar tissue developing around the implant, not because of the material chosen for the implant (e.g. silicone)

  6. Lavender and Tea Tree oils can cause prepubertal gynecomastia (increase in size of male breast tissue)

  7. The body forms a capsule of scar tissue around breast implants, and that this capsule can become contracted and calcify, leading the implant to become a hard, stone-like lump. (Warning: slightly graphic)

  8. In rare cases, women can develop breast tissue in their vulvas, which can lead to breast tumors and in even rarer instances, vulva lactation.

  9. Scientists have found a single mutation on the EDAR gene that seems to be responsible for the thicker hair shafts, more sweat glands, and smaller breast tissue observed in East Asians. All of these results were evident in mice that had the gene altered.

  10. Around 5% of newborns produce milk from their breast tissue. The milk is called "Witch's milk."

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Embryonic humans develop breast tissue from the armpit to the groin. In most people, this regresses. But some adults can have extra nipples in the armpit or in a line down to the groin.

Breast hypertrophy is a rare medical condition of the breast connective tissues in which the breasts become excessively large. - source

Using lavender and tea tree oil products can cause young boys to develop breast tissue - source

You can actually have 3 boobs (or more!) along the embryonic milk lines and you might not even know it. When women with this extra breast tissue lactate the "boob" engorges with milk and can leak if there is a nipple (however small).

Good bacteria can be picked up from maternal gut lymphatic tissue and transported to breast milk. - source

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"Green Muscle Disease", a condition affecting broiler chickens in which breast muscle tissue necrotizes and turns green, possibly due to insufficient blood supply and/or space to enlarge during the growth phase.

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There is a non-surgical treatment which claims to enlarge breasts through kneading, massaging, and slapping breast tissue. The Bangkok based beautician claims that through this targeted therapy, she can enlarge breast tissue and help women attain larger cup sizes.

Breast augmentation surgery (breast implants) was first performed in 1895 using tissue from a benign tumor to repair the patient's breast after the removal of that tumor.

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