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Naoto Matsumura, the "guardian of Fukushima’s animals." He is the only human brave enough to live in Fukushima’s radioactive exclusion zone and cares for all the animals left behind. He refuses to worry that radiation levels will kill him, saying "I'll probably be dead by then anyway."

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A Japanese man named Naoto Matsumura has refused to leave the radioactive town of Fukushima in order to take care its abandoned animal residents

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  1. About Naoto Matsumura, who stayed behind in the exclusion zone after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in order to look after the pets and livestock that had been left behind in his hometown.

  2. A rice farmer called Naoto Matsumura, returned to Fukushima to feed the animals everyone else left behind. He still lives there and remains the "Guardian of Fukushima's Animals".

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