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The youngest documented grandmother was 17-year-old Mum-Zi on the Nigerian Island of Calabar. She was 8 when she gave birth to her first daughter in 1884, who also went on to birth at the age of 8.

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Mum-zi , who lived on the island of Calabar in what is now Nigeria, Became the world's youngest grandmother at only 17. both she and her daughter gave birth at only 8 years old.

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  1. A Nigerian girl, Mum-Zi, became a mother at age 8. She later became a grandmother at age 17 when her daughter became pregnant, also at age 8.

  2. In 1884, a Nigerian girl named Mum-Zi became the youngest grandmother in age 17.

  3. A 17 year old become the worlds youngest grandmother.....and her name was Mum-zi

  4. In 1885, a 17 year old Nigerian girl known as Mum-Zi became the youngest grandmother in history after both her and her daughter gave birth at the age of 8.

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