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Those who know Superman's secret identity include Batman, Supergirl ... and Muhammed Ali.

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The iconic photo of Muhammed Ali standing over Sonny Liston, taken 51 years ago today by a 22-year-old Neil Liefer, was only made possible because Leifer was kicked from his preferred ringside spot by a more senior photographer. That photographer is now immortalized between Ali's legs.

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  1. Muhammed Ali negotiated the release of 15 US hostages with Saddam Hussein

  2. Chuck Wepner, a second rate fighter who lasted 15 rounds against Muhammed Ali, and even knocked him down once. Sylvester Stallone watched the fight, and it inspired him to begin work on the screenplay for the "Rocky" franchise.

  3. Muhammed Ali once saved a suicidal man's life by talking him off a ledge after police were unsuccessful.

  4. In 1811 in Egypt, Muhammed Ali invited 470 Mamluks to a ceremony in which he ambushed and massacred them all inside the citadel. It's believed that only one escaped by allegedly leaping his horse from the rampart of the citadel. No one ever knew his identity.

  5. Muhammed Ali holds the only Hollywood Walk of Fame star that is installed on a vertical surface because he "did not want to be walked on by people who disrespect him".

  6. The iconic picture of Muhammed Ali over Sonny Liston was shot in a junior hockey rink

  7. Muhammed Ali heroically talked a suicidal man down off a 9-story-high ledge, after police, a psycholigist and a mister had all failed. Leaning out the window, Ali said "I'm your brother. I want to help you", convincing the man to come back inside. The Greatest.

  8. Muhammed Ali once fought a mixed martial arts match where kicks where only allowed if one leg was on the mat

  9. Muhammed Ali was vehemently against interracial marriages, and race mixing.

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Muhammed Ali was invited to North Korea by Kim Jong Il, and when a top Korean official bragged that they could destroy The US or Japan at any time, he blurted out "No wonder we hate these mother f****ers" - source

The shortest poem in history was from Muhammed Ali: "Me, We!" - source

Muhammed Ali took up boxing after his bike was stolen and he reported it to a cop who happened to be in a local gym

Sonny Listen once fired a gun loaded with blanks at Muhammed Ali in a casino - source

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Muhammed Ali Once Talked A Suicidal Man Off A Ledge

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Muhammed Ali, and musicians James Brown and Bob Dylan were inspired by early pro wrestler Gorgeous George

Muhammed Ali's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is on a wall of the Dolby Theatre, making it the only star mounted on a vertical surface. This was done to honour Ali's request that his name not be walked upon.

Elvis Presley was a huge fan of Muhammed Ali, when he first met him he gave him a robe to wear in his upcoming fight, worth over 300,000 k. He lost the match and considered it haunted with bad luck

Muhammed Ali got into boxing when his bicycle was stolen as a kid. He vowed to beat the kid up and the cop he reported the theft to said he should learn to box first.

Ali Muhammed, an Egyptian double agent who infiltrated the CIA and US Army Special Forces in the 1980s. He also fought for the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, provided Al Qaeda with their first training materials, and likely helped planned the first WTC bombing in 1993.

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