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The iconic photo of Muhammed Ali standing over Sonny Liston, taken 51 years ago today by a 22-year-old Neil Liefer, was only made possible because Leifer was kicked from his preferred ringside spot by a more senior photographer. That photographer is now immortalized between Ali's legs.

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Sonny Liston fired a starter pistol at Muhammad Ali in a casino to scare him off after days of taunting

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  1. Sonny Liston shot a gun at Mohammad Ali in a Casino after Ali had been provoking him In a attempt to book a fight. The gun contained blanks.

  2. After being harassed by Muhammad Ali in a casino Sonny Liston pulled a fake gun.

  3. Muhammad Ali, then known as Cassius Clay made an album dissing Sonny Liston, used it as bait to fight him and recieved a Grammy nomination.

  4. The iconic picture of Muhammed Ali over Sonny Liston was shot in a junior hockey rink

  5. Sonny Liston, the 1962 world heavyweight boxing champion, who won 50 fights (39 by KO), was afraid of needles

  6. Muhammad Ali's 1963 spoken word track "Round 5: Will the Real Sonny Liston Please Fall Down" was the first example of battle rap in history

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Muhammad Ali got shot at on camera by Sonny Liston

Sonny Liston pulled a gun on Muhammad Ali at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas during Ali's harrasment campaign against him. - source

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Muhammad Ali harassed Sonny Liston so relentlessly, going so far as to rent a bus and parking it outside his house, that Sonny eventually snapped and fired a gun at him in a crowded casino. The gun was filled with blanks and it was all caught on tape.

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Muhammad Ali harassed Sonny Liston, going so far as to rent a bus and parking it outside his house, that Sonny eventually snapped and fired a gun at him in a crowded casino. The gun was filled with blanks.

Sonny Liston shot a gun filled with blanks at Muhammad Ali inside a casino.

Sonny Liston pulled a gun on Muhammad Ali

When Muhammad Ali fought Sonny Liston in 1963 to challenge the heavyweight title, Sonny Liston's coaches applied the same ointment used to seal cuts to Liston's gloves so that it would get in Ali's eyes and cause them to burn and experience blinding pain.

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The mob possibly promised Sonny Liston some money to throw the second Ali fight but they never paid him. As the years passed and Liston's financial situation worsened, he got angry and told the mob he'd go public with the story unless they gave him the money. That got him killed.

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