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The locations of the bodies of various religious leaders are known - including Muhammad, Confucius and a canine tooth of the Buddha

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A narwhal's "horn" is actually its left canine tooth. In rare cases, the right canine tooth grows into a horn as well, resulting in a narwhal with a double horn.

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  1. The Clouded Leopard has the largest canine teeth-to-body ratio of any cat, and is referred to as "the modern sabre tooth"

  2. Saber-toothed tiger had thick neck, broad chest, muscular body, short, thick legs and short tail, but it is best known by its large, 7 to 12 inches long, curved canine teeth.

  3. Researchers have recently discovered that teeth of saber-toothed tiger had at least 2 times faster growth rate compared with canine teeth of modern species of wild cats (saber-toothed tiger was able to replace its milk teeth and develop fully grown canine teeth until the age of 3 years).

  4. A Narwhal's tusk is actually a canine tooth that protrudes through the lip, on the left side of the upper jaw. It is a sensory organ used to collect information from the environment around them, and not in-fact used for spearing fish or jousting.

  5. Saber-toothed tiger had very thick front legs that were used to immobilize the prey and to prevent it to fight back and potentially break its precious, but brittle canine teeth. Saber-toothed tiger used canine teeth to kill its prey by slicing the jugular vein and windpipe.

  6. A narwhal's tusk arises from its left upper canine tooth, with some males possessing two tusks from both canines

  7. A narwhal’s tusk is actually an overgrown canine tooth. Specifically, the left one.

  8. The Bengal Tiger has the largest canine tooth of all the cats at 10cm long.Their roar can travel 2 miles and they grow up to 9 feet long and 340 kg. There are 1500 left and numbers are declining due to poaching and habitat loss.

  9. Despite its huge canine tooth, saber-toothed tiger had weak bite force, only 1/3 of the bite force of modern lion. However, its jaws were able to stretch to 120 degrees, two time more than jaws of lion.

  10. Skulls of prehistoric people with wounds that match elongated canine teeth suggest that saber-toothed tigers occasionally hunted primitive humans.

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Why is the human cuspid (canine) referred to as an eye tooth?

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Balinese Tooth Filing (Mesangih) where the canine teeth and incisors are filed down in order to "smooth away the savage aspects of the soul." It is often done as a rite of passage into adulthood.

Not only are narwhals real, but their "horn" is actually their upper left canine tooth! - source

Some Japanese women believe crooked teeth are attractive. They get dental work to create a look called “Yaeba", or “double tooth", a look achieved when molars crowd the canines and push them forward creating a fanged look. The look, was popularized by a pop group and created by a dental clinic. - source

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