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Megan Fox auditioned for Michael Bay for her role in Transformers by washing his Ferrari in her bikini.

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Michael Bay had Megan Fox audition for Transformers by filming her washing his Ferrari in a bikini. When later asked about the footage, Bay claimed to have misplaced it.

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  1. The character Trent DeMarco from Transformers (the boyfriend of Megan Fox) is supposed to be the same character in the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th. The story is that the events in Friday the 13th take place after he went off to college. He was even played by the same actor.

  2. Megan Fox listens to Britney Spears when she flies to overcome her fear of flying. " I know for a fact it's not my destiny to die listening to a Britney Spears album."

  3. Megan Fox retains the Pentecostal faith of her childhood, speaks in tongues and enjoys analysing the Book of Revelation

  4. Megan Fox was banned from the Walmart for shoplifting makeup | Lindsay Lohan was convicted in 2011 of shoplifting a $2,500 necklace | Winona Ryder was convicted in 2002 of shoplifting clothes worth £3,900.

  5. A Chinese businessman paid an Australian escort agency $3.7 million for a night with Megan Fox and a Victoria's Secret model but they never showed up. According to court documents, he said the company agreed to facilitate the meeting anywhere in the world for $3.7 million

  6. Megan Fox has a clubbed thumb, and is that kind of Christian who speaks in tongues.

  7. There exists a movie where Bill Murray portrays a crime boss trying to put a freak performer with wings on her back (Megan Fox) on display for paying customers and the only person that can stop him is a jazz musician addicted to heroin (Mickey Rourke)

  8. The guy with Megan Fox from Love The Way You Lie music video by Eminem is Merry from LOTR

  9. Megan Fox's Husband Brian Austin Green Tried To Have A Rap Career After Acting In 90210

  10. Michael Bay had Megan Fox audition for her role in Transformers by washing his Ferrari in a Bikini.

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