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a Futurama writer with a PhD in applied math created a mathematical theorem just for the purpose of using it in a Futurama episode to expose young people to higher level math.

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Futurama writer Ken Keeler wrote and proved a completely new mathematical theorem just for a single episode, called the Futurama Theorem. It is the first known theorem to be created for the sole purpose of entertainment in a TV show.

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  1. Pythagoras cannot have been the first to discover the Pythagorean theorem because it was known and used by the Babylonians over a millennium before he was born. Classical historians dispute whether he himself ever actually made any significant contributions to the field of mathematics.

  2. In a 60's government funded LSD study, "26 men unleashed a slew of widely embraced innovations shortly after their LSD experiences, including a mathematical theorem for NOR gate circuits, a conceptual model of a photon, a linear electron accelerator beam-steering device," [and more....]

  3. Euler's work in mathematics and physics touched upon so many fields that he is often the earliest written reference on a given matter. In an effort to avoid naming everything after Euler, some discoveries and theorems are attributed to the first person to have proved them after Euler.

  4. Pythagoras studied mathematics in Egypt and Babylon. Particularly notable as the Babylonians had the 'Pythagorean theorem' at least five hundred years before Greece.

  5. There is no evidence that Pythagoras worked on or proved the Pythagorean theorem, or, for that matter, any mathematical problems at all.

  6. There is an X-Files episode, that predates Good Will Hunting, where a mentally challenged janitor working the night shift at the Mahan Washington Institute of Technology solves advanced mathematical theorems on a white board.

  7. Ken Keeler, a writer for Futurama devised and proved a new mathematical theorem in an episode.

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Both of Wiles" papers proving Fermat's Last Theorem were published in 1995 in the Annals of Mathematics.

One of Noether's theorems has been called "one of the most important mathematical theorems ever proved in guiding the development of modern physics."

There is a theorem in mathematics (Classification of finite simple groups) whose proof consists of more than 10,000 pages spread across about 500 journal articles, written by over 100 different authors. - source

Fermat's Last Theorem (Fermat Conjecture) , which held the Guiness World Record for being the world's toughest mathematical problem until it was proven by Andrew Wiles after 358 years of unsuccessful attempts.

Alan Turing claimed his concrete solution to Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem, which became the mathematical foundation of the computer, came to him in a "vision". - source

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James A. Garfield, the 20th president of the United States, published a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem, making him the only US president to have published a mathematical proof so far

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Pythagoras (570-495 BC) is credited with his theorem, but there is no evidence of his mathematical proof. There is evidence the theorem pre-dates him. Mesopotamian, Indian and Chinese mathematicians all discovered it independently and, in some cases, provided proofs for special cases.

About Godel's Incompleteness Theorems which prove that any mathematical system will have truths that cannot be proven

In high school he devoured books on mathematics and discovered advanced theorems.

The Banach–Tarski paradox, a mathematical theorem in set theory geometry which proves that it's possible to convert one sphere into two using nothing but cuts and rotations, but only with objects that don't actually exist.

Guillaume de l'Hôpital, who is best known for his mathematical theorem “l'Hôpital’s Rule” was completely based on off of the lessons he purchased from Johann Bernoulli and published without his knowledge.

Which part of the brain is used when solving mathematical problems?

The Borsak-Ulam Theorem, which mathematically proves that at any one time, there are two places on the exact opposite sides of the Earth that have the exact same temperature and pressure.

Pythogoras, known for his famous mathematical theorem, is also the father of vegetarianism.

Bayes' theorem was first used to try to mathematically prove the existence of God

French Emperor Napoléon I was also very interested in mathematics and has a theorem named after him

Monstrous Moonshine a connection between two disparate areas of mathematics discovered via what seemed like a numerical coincidence and proved using theorems from string theory.

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The Keeler Theorem (Futurama Theorem) is a real-life mathematical proof invented by writer Ken Keeler (Ph.D Math) solely for the Episode "The Prisoner of Benda"

He is also responsible for the prime number theorem, which broadly still applies to mathematics today.

Sir Andrew Wiles was not eligible for the Field's Medal (the Nobel prize of mathematics) for his proof of Fermat's Last Theorem because he was 41, 1 year older than the age limit

George Green (1793-1841), mathematical physicist famous for Green's theorem and Greens functions, who published "An Essay on the Application of Mathematical Analysis to the Theories of Electricity and Magnetism" was almost entirely self taught.

Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem, which proves that some mathematical conjectures may be true but unprovable

About the Enormous Theorem which took more than 100 mathematicians, hundreds of journal articles and 15,000 pages to prove, making it the largest mathematical proof ever. It was first proposed in 1832 and wasn't solved until 2012.

There is a computing language called Coq that provides a formal language to write mathematical definitions, executable algorithms and theorems together with an environment for semi-interactive development of machine-checked proofs.

I learned that it is possible to explain to someone who does not know any math (me) how the mathematical theorem in the Futurama episode The Prisoner of Benda works.

There is a mathematical theorem known as the "double bubble" conjecture, inspired by the merging of soap bubbles.

About a widely accepted Mathematical Theorem called Gödel's theory of Incompleteness. This theory implies that since the brain has the ability to calculate basic math, that there exists a sentence, a series of words, that has the power to destroy them.

Aniline dye, p-adic number, pegionhole principle, Cauchy-Schwarz inequality and the immortal Violin Concerto No.2 Op.61 in E minor, along with many mathematical theorems and musical pieces, are all related to one family: Mendelssohn.

There is a lengthy Wikipedia page on toilet paper orientation. There are in depth surveys, polls, and even mathematical theorems.

The 'Psychedelics in problem-solving experiment' resulted in space probe experiments devised to measure solar properties, design of a linear electron accelerator beam-steering device, a mathematical theorem regarding NOR gate circuits, and several other scientific advancements.

POTUS James Garfield discovered a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem during a mathematics discussion with his colleagues as a seated member of Congress in 1876. The proof was later published in the New England Journal of Education.

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