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In 1916, a silent comedy film was made about "Coke Ennyday" a detective with a fondness for cocaine made as a parody of Sherlock Holmes. He wears a bandolier carrying syringes filled with the drug and frequently injects himself with massive amounts of cocaine to solve crimes.

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The Parliament building in Bucharest is so massive that even though it already contains both lower and upper houses of parliament, three museums, and an international conference centre, 70% of the building is still empty. The heating and electrical bill alone amounts to $6 million a year.

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  1. The Radium Girls, young women who worked by painting clock dials using glow in the dark radium paints. Because they sucked the brush to make them pointier, they were exposed to massive amounts of radiation, some suffering debilitating diseases that eventually killed them.

  2. In 1984, a pipe-fitter for a uranium core processing plant in Ohio was discovered in a processing furnace. At the time the plant was discovered dumping a massive amount of radioactive waste into the atmosphere. Co-workers of the deceased worker suspected he was a whistleblower and was murdered.

  3. Esurance got rid of their cartoon mascot Erin Esurance after she was featured in a massive amount of fan made pornography.

  4. Massive amounts of birds are killed each year by radio antennas. And that changing the static red light to a blinking light can cut the death toll by up to 70%.

  5. On April 1, 1980, BBC news ervice "reported" that the Big Ben will get a digital readout, and that the clock hands will be given to the first four listeners to call. Later on, BBC received a massive amount of phone calls from angry protestors, and ended up spending several days to apologize.

  6. Any statistic along the lines of “the top X people have the same amount of wealth as the bottom Y people” is misleading due to the massive amount of people who have a negative net worth.

  7. In 1884, mine workers on strike pushed burning carts into the mines in New Straitsville, OH and started a 132 year underground fire that burns to this day. Massive amounts of coal were burned and residents of the area had reportedly used hot water from nearby wells to make instant coffee.

  8. IBM, an American company, supplied Nazi Germany throughout all of WWII with the computers that they needed to crunch the massive amounts of census data required to carry out the Holocaust

  9. When trees evolved, it took 60 mil. years for fungi to evolve the ability to break down lignin. Trees fell over and didn't decompose, storing vast amounts of carbon, resulting in an oxygen-rich atmosphere that favored enormous insects; burning in massive fires; and producing our stores of coal.

  10. When visiting West Germany after the border opened, many East Germans spent their free 100DM 'welcome money' buying massive amounts of bananas, a highly prized rarity in the East.

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The first generation of stars in the Universe were all several thousand times more massive than the Sun and were made of hydrogen, helium, and trace amounts of lithium. All the heavier chemical elements were formed within their cores. One of these stars was observed for the first time in 2015.

Pirate Joe's (an illegal Canadian Trader Joe's store) operated covertly by purchasing massive amounts of Trader Joe's from Seattle. They were finally shut down after a long legal battle. - source

There is a massive amount of water under the Earth's crust, nearly equal to the mass of all the water in Earth's oceans. - source

In 2007, parts of Siberia were covered with orange snow. The snow was described as oily and had four times the normal amount of iron in it. It was speculated that a massive sandstorm caused this.

Louis Slotin, a physicist who worked on the manhatten project, died because his hand slipped while holding a screwdriver, which incidentally caused himself and 7 others to be exposed to a massive amount of radiation. - source

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In the aftermath of WWII, Germany received relief when a massive amount of its debt was forgiven by its European creditors, including Greece

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The clouds around a rocket launch are actually a sound suppression system - NASA pumps in massive amounts of water and the acoustic energy is used up by vaporizing it!

The largest recorded fire in North American history produced massive amounts of smoke that was mostly in the upper atmosphere and could not be smelled. Since news of the fire was also sparse, many thought the dark sky was a result of nuclear armageddon, supernatural forces, or alien invasion.

Around 50% of products we use everyday contain Palm Oil and that Palm Oil production contributes to massive amounts of deforestation

A mother sickened her son by feeding him massive amounts of salt (eventually killing him) because she liked the attention she got on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media for having a very ill child.

With the current speed of the internet it is quicker to transport massive amounts of data through the post than over the internet. FedEx has the capability to transport 2,222 terabyte per second.

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Lake Kivu, one of 3 lakes at risk of a limnic eruption. If an eruption occurred it would release a massive amount of CO2 into the air asphyxiating everything near the lake, and also has the chance of spawning a lake tsunami. There are 2 million people living near the lake basin.

About 28% of Guyanas (South America) population is Hindu because of the massive amount of migration from indians in the colonial time

In August 1946, after a period of massive hyperinflation, the total value of all Hungarian banknotes in circulation amounted to 1/1,000 of one US dollar.

A man flew safely home after using a massive amount of duct tape to repair his airplane that was almost totally destroyed by a bear.

The Continental Army nearly starved at Valley Forge not because there was no food in the area, it's just the Continental Dollar had been wiped out from hyperinflation as Congress was printing massive amounts of them, and no farmers would take them.

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About 30 years ago, Armando Moreno (City of Coronado employee) was tasked with cleaning up the massive amounts of kelp that washed onto Coronado beaches due to a high tide. He decided to create giant letters that spelled out C-O-R-O-N-A-D-O. This sculpture took over 2 years to complete.

The English word "berserk" was originated to describe the psychedelic induced rage battles that Vikings would set out on after having consumed massive amounts of alcohol and magic mushrooms.

Charles Manson has cellmates help him with the massive amount of mail he receives. He calls them his "X-men"

There was a massive amount of international aid in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and much of it was wasted / not used.

The city of Detroit has a massive illiteracy rate. The approximate amount of functional illiterates is 47%!

Georgia's HOPE scholarship, which gives massive amounts of financial aid to any 3.0 student going to a public university in Georgia.

Bill Gates is worth $81.1 billion. Despite this immense amount, Gates has said that his children will inherit only $1O million each. He is quoted as saying that "Leaving kids massive amounts of money is not a favor to them."

Measuring Radiation in "Bananas Eaten" is not realistic, as our bodies are able to get rid of this radiation faster than we can consume massive amounts of it

20 American presidents did not contribute any significant writings in print or in diaries, although many left behind a massive amount of manuscripts, which historians have utilized in their published books

Pleistocene Park, an experiment started in 1988 to ship large herbivores that lived in Siberia 12,000ya to the Kolyma River to recreate the Mammoth Steppe ecosystem that once dominated the region to help stop the permafrost from melting and releasing the massive amounts of CO2 locked away.

During the Russo-Japanese war, the amount of Russian defeats caused massive discontent in Poland. More soldiers had to be stationed there than were actually fighting the Japanese. Polish representatives were even sent to Japan to discuss acts of sabotage against Russia.

During the American Revolution, the British government sold massive amounts of counterfeit Continental money in the colonies as an attempt at weaponized inflation

Boyan Slat, who at the age of 19 founded the non-profit entity The Ocean Cleanup in Delft. The entity uses the oceans natural current to collect massive amounts of plastics.

After the Permian–Triassic extinction event, one type of animal made up a massive amount of the world's population. For a while 95% of all fossil beds were made up of a pig sized therapsid called Lystrosaurus.

In 2006 Tom Brady and Peyton Manning lobbied in favor of changing an NFL rule, which would allow teams to provide their own game balls. Since this new rule, the Patriots have shown a massive, very improbable, increase in the amount of touches per fumble.

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