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Charles Darwin married his first cousin with whom he had ten children. Three died as infants and three were infertile. He was the first to raise the question if incest may cause weaknesses in offspring after studying inbred plants in his garden.

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Edgar Allen Poe married his 13 year old cousin at 27. His obsession with her and her early death, led to him becoming an alcoholic ,a laudanum addict, and the creation of his best known poems "Annabell Lee", "The Raven", and "Ligeia"

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  1. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born woman who was a victim of genital mutilation and married off to her cousin. She escaped and sought asylum in the Netherlands, eventually being elected to Dutch parliament. She is now an activist for women's rights and opposes honor violence and child marriage.

  2. Charles Darwin wrote a pros and cons of marriage ( including the positivity of “female chit-chat) before marrying his cousin

  3. Charles Darwin married his first cousin Emma Wedgwood, before having 10 children, three of which died before the age of 11. This lead him to wonder whether close genetic matches had an impact on health, adding to his theory of evolution and the passing of traits to offspring.

  4. Charles Darwin married his first cousin, Emma. They had 10 children; 3 died at a young age. Whenever they fell ill, Charles feared that they might have inherited weaknesses from inbreeding.

  5. Einstein was married to Elsa Einstein - his first cousin on his mother's side and second cousin on his father's side

  6. Einstein married his first cousin, Elsa Löwenthal. (Not only were their mothers sisters, but their fathers were cousins too, making the married couple second cousins as well.) The relationship began while Einstein was still married to his first wife, physicist Mileva Marić.

  7. Although considered by many to be taboo when cousins get married, the risk of them having offspring with genetic defects is not significantly higher than two random strangers having kids.

  8. Kevin Bacon is married to his distant cousin, Kyra Sedgwick. The couple apparently first found out while both were participating on the PBS show “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.” back in 2012.

  9. Louis XIV of France, who had many bastard children and mistresses while married to his cousin, Queen Maria Theresa of Spain, settled down and married a common woman named Francoise when the Queen died. He stayed faithful to her until the day he died, despite his adulteress past.

  10. Not only was King Tut a product of incest (his parents were either siblings or cousins) but he also married his half-sister. King Tut had many birth defects and they had two children, both of which were stillborn.

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First cousins can marry in Utah, provided they are both 65 years of age or older, or if they are 55 or older, a district court finds that either person is not able to reproduce.

More than 10% of the married people in the world are married to their second cousin or closer. - source

H.G. Wells married his cousin Isabel Mary Wells in 1891. They were only married for three years, until H.G. Wells fell in love with a student.

In 1892 Wassily Kandinsky married Anna Chimyakina, his cousin.

That it is banned by statute to marry your first cousin in several US states such as Mississippi, Kentucky, and West Virginia. However, it is perfectly legal to marry your first cousin in California, New York, Florida, and almost all European Countries outside the Balkans. - source

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Barbara Cartland married Hugh McCorquodale, her first husband's cousin, in 1936. She had two sons with him named Ian and Glen.

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The real life Christopher Robin, modified a cap gun to shoot real bullets, married his first cousin, and was estranged from his mother at the time of his death.

It is legal to marry your first cousin in 34 states.

Over half of Pakistanis are married to their first cousin [PubMed]

Eleanor Roosevelt didn't change her name when she married Franklin D. Roosevelt because they were both from the same family (albeit 5th cousins)

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Eleanor Roosevelt was born with that name. She married her 5th cousin, FDR.

Pope Benedict IX, born in 1012 and died 1056. In his 43 years of life, he managed to get elected pope three times, expulsed twice, and abdicated by SELLING the papacy in order to marry his cousin

FDR and Teddy Roosevelt were fifth cousins, and Teddy was also Eleanor Roosevelt's uncle. Meaning that FDR and Eleanor were married as fifth cousins once removed, and she never had to change her last name.

The Sotho culture in South Africa is known for building villages and for marrying cousins on the mother's side.

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If identical twins marry another pair of identical twins it's called a 'quaternary marriage' and their children would be legaly first cousins and genetically full siblings.

Edgar Allan Poe, the famous American writer, married his 13 year old first cousin when he was 27.

Evan Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld's second cousin, is a heavy metal vocalist who has married multiple porn stars.

In Texas its illegal to own more than six Dildoes. In Utah you can marry your cousin, but only after age 65 (55 if you're infertile).

3 of President John Quincy Adam's sons were all rivals for the same woman, their cousin Mary, who lived with their family after the death of her parents. After she chose to marry one of the brothers, the other two refused to attend the marriage.

Albert Einstein married his first cousin Elsa Einstein

The Queen Of England Married Her Second Cousin

Einstein, Poe, H.G Wells and Queen Victoria all married their 1st cousins

Albert Einstein left his wife for his first cousin whom he then married. Their mothers were sisters, making them first cousins, and further, their fathers were first cousins, making them second cousins.

250,000 Americans Are Married To Their Cousins

In Illinois it is legal to marry your first cousin if both are 50 or older, or one is unable to reproduce

Every year in the USA about 200,000 people marry their cousin

Saddam Hussein donated $450,000 to a church in Detroit. He also was married to his first cousin.

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