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Serial killer in New Orleans sent letter to the newspapers that on the night of March 19 he would kill again, but would spare any place where jazz band was playing. That night New Orleans' dance halls were fully filled, including many jazz house parties. There were no murders that night

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The 90s sketch comedy show “In Living Color” drew away 22% of Super Bowl XXVI’s viewers during its halftime show by doing a special live episode of their own, which is why subsequent Super Bowls got A-List performers and dropped the previous themed marching band format.

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  1. Richard Nixon had the Secret Service uniform redesigned to closely resemble that of European palace guards. The "toy soldier" uniforms were universally ridiculed and only used for a few months before being mothballed; after a decade in storage they were sold to an Iowa high school marching band

  2. A serial killer in New Orleans stated he would kill again on the night of March 19, 1919, but would spare the occupants of any place where a jazz band was playing. On that night, all dance halls reached capacity and amateur bands played jazz at hundreds of house parties. There were no murders.

  3. On Sep 11, 1857, a group of Mormon militiamen persuaded a band of passing emigrants to march down a trail in Mountain Meadows, Utah. Under the pretense of protection and following the orders of their local Church leaders, these militiamen proceeded to execute 120 men, women, and children.

  4. Drew Carey, a minority owner of the Seattle Sounders, decided that they needed a marching band. Thus, the first and only Major League Soccer marching band.

  5. The Kansas State Marching Band did a formation that looked like a phallic object was entering the mouth of South Dakota's mascot, resulting in a fine and a game suspension of Kansas State's director of bands.

  6. The Columbia marching band was banned from playing at West Point in 1972 when they formed a "burning Cambodian village" on the field

  7. There is a video game where you program the movements of a marching band. Micro Marching League.

  8. Marching bands actively compensate for the difference between the speeds of light and sound

  9. Tambourines today can be found in a variety of music styles including rock and roll, classical, marching bands, pop music, and almost every other style imaginable around the world and in different cultures.

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Marching bands in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. use a type of glockenspiel called the bell lyre, lyra, or lyra glockenspiel. This instrument is played upright, hung by a strap over of the musician's shoulder, and hit with a beater or mallet.

Marimbas are used in a variety of musical styles and performances including jazz, ensembles, concertos, marching bands, bugle and drum corps, orchestras, and Latin music.

The 1967 Ice Bowl was the coldest title game in NFL history and the coldest New Years Eve in the history of Green Bay. 7 members of the marching band were rushed the hospital for hypothermia, 1 spectator died and when the referee blew his whistle to signal the start of play it froze to his lips. - source

In 1992, Fox ran a special episode of "In Living Color" during Superbowl halftime that featured Gloria Estefan. The show stole 22 million viewers from the official show of marching bands. The next year, Michael Jackson headlined the official show.

"The Play", where during a football game against Cal, Stanford marching band members stormed the field during the last play of the game, yet Cal still scored and won. - source

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The 1967 NFL Championship, known as the Ice Bowl, had a game-time temperature of −15 °F with a wind chill of −48 °F. It was so cold, the turf became ice, the whistles froze to the referee's lips, members of the halftime marching band were hospitalized, and a spectator died from hypothermia.

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Trombones are versatile instruments and are commonly found in jazz bands, marching bands, and orchestras. They are also found in brass choirs, brass bands, military bands, swing music, salsa music, R&B music, and merengue music.

In 1986 a marching band competition in the UK was halted when almost 300 attendees began collapsing and falling ill. No definite cause was ever discovered but an official enquiry blamed mass hysteria

New Orleans Musicians are Given a Jazz Funeral When They Die, Including a Marching Band

Mating season takes place from January to mid March. Two months later, female will give birth to 3-4 babies. Their tails don"t have bands, and mask around eyes is still missing.

The military version of the glockenspiel used in marching bands is called the Stahlspiel or the Militar Glockenspiel.

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Most bass drums are stationary, as in the drum kit set up. However when bass drums are used in marching bands they must be moveable and are suspended by straps or other apparatus to enable to drummer to walk with the instrument.

In 2007, Grenada wanted to thank China for building it a $40 million stadium. But the anthem played by a Grenadan marching band was that of the Republic of China (Taiwan)—a country Beijing considers a renegade province. Chinese officials were visibly uncomfortable as Taiwan's anthem played.

It was until Super Bowl XXV (1991) with New Kids On The Block that the halftime show switched from marching bands to celebrity performances.

The FBI considers fans of the band 'ICP' to be gang members. They are the only fans of any band to get this label. They are planning a march and free concert to shed light on who they really are.

A Dutch store surprised it's shoplifters with a marching band

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An affair between two Brazilian politicians was revealed when they danced together to "Bésame Mucho". Later, one of them was to be introduced with a military march, but the director of the presidential band had them play "Bésame Mucho" instead. He was put under house arrest for insubordination

U.S. spends US$500 million annually on military marching bands. That's more than Ethiopia's total military expenditure in 2015.

John Philip Sousa was paid only $35 for his second most popular work, "The Washington Post" March, while the publisher made a fortune. Of Sousa's earnings, $25 was for a piano arrangement, $5 for a band arrangement, and $5 for an orchestra arrangement.

During 1998, two marching bands performing at a football game got into an all out brawl after one of the Drum Majors was hit by the opposing band.

The Australian rock band, Augie March, released an album called Thanks For The Memes in 1998.

Holy Grail" the 1993 anthem by Australian band, Hunters and Collectors, was inspired by Napoleon's march into Russia in 1812. It also symbolised their attempts to crack the American market.

Charles Ives wrote music to simulate two marching bands played at the same time, as though planned parade paths got messed up.

The Superbowl had marching bands perform the half-time show until 1991.

"Dinkles", the term for Marching Band footwear, was named after a fictional bandleader from the comic Funky Winkerbean.

Ornette Coleman, the father of free jazz was kicked out of his high school's marching band for improvising during The Washington Post march.

In 1980, a Canadian military band mistakenly played Colonel Bogey March (the theme song of The Bridge on the River Kwai) during a visit by the Japanese Prime Minister. Since the movie depicts the brutality suffered by the POWs, it nearly caused a diplomatic row.

In 2007, when the then King of Saudi Arabia visited the British royal family, the band played Darth Vader's Imperial March.

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley is in a Celtic rock band called O'Malley's March.

Martin O'Malley, the Democratic Governor of Maryland who is running for president, has a folk rock band called O'Malley's March

The drumset was invented for marching bands to deal with limitations of playing indoors.

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