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Louis C.K. is the director, writer, and star of his critically acclaimed show "Louie," which he edits on his own Macbook Pro while his daughters are at school.

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The A1286 MacBook pro from 2008 that was marketed as having a unibody frame(but was actually two pieces held together with glue) was designed to blow exhaust air from the CPU and GPU towards the bottom of the screen, melting the glue and breaking the computer.

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  1. Download & Install MacBooster 7 & 8 on Your MacBook, iMac, MacMini,MacBook Pro, MacBook Air In Hindi

  2. DOOM can be played on a Macbook Pro Touchbar (thing)

  3. You can port the original DOOM to the Macbook Pro Touchbar

  4. Is the New Macbook Pro with Touchbar Worth it?!

  5. MacBook Pro was declared 'best-performing' Windows laptop

  6. A Guy Fixed His Overheating MacBook Pro By Putting It In The Oven And Baking It At 170 Degrees

  7. The hard way) that the trackpad on the MacBook Pro has a thin layer of glass on it

  8. A group of artists approached a fragrance company to mimic an "unboxed MacBook Pro" scent for an art exhibit.

  9. Apple Macbook Pro Retina screens can cause temporary eye damage to some users. Quora users went to analyze what could be the problem.

  10. The new iPhone 7 is faster than all Macbook Airs and almost as fast as a 2013 MacBook Pro

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Selling my MacBook Pro online (conversations breakdown)

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