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As video format Apollo 11 used to send the first moon landing was incompatible with video formats in general use, they had to convert the live video using a video camera pointing at 10 - inch TV monitor

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Scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem developed a system that could one day aid the blind by converting video into auditory cues. It works in a similar way to a bat's echolocation system, but instead of chirping, uses a video camera embedded in a pair of glasses.

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  1. Video game currency can be converted into actual currency. For example: 1 US Dollar=14.39 Fallout Caps

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  3. Book of Mormon's "General Butt Fucking Naked" is based on a real person who is now a converted Christian preacher. Forward video to 2:57.

  4. Sony have a kind of 'drink verification can to continue' patent "for converting television commercials into interactive network video games"

  5. The internet company Cloudflare has a wall of lava lamps at their HQ that helps to encrypt 10% of the internet using a video feed that converts the real life entropy into server entropy

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