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Crested Black Macaque's are the most affectionate monkeys in the world, due to living in a forest full of food where they all want for nothing. They love to hug, blow kisses, share, and make friends.

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On Japanese island Yakushima, macaque monkeys are known to ride deer for transportation, and in return they groom deer and share food with them

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  1. In 2011, a crested black macaque pressed a trigger on a wildlife photographer's camera, set up in a jungle for that specific purpose. This incident set off an unusual debate about copyright. In 2016, a federal judge ruled that a monkey cannot own the copyright to the images.

  2. Male rhesus macaque monkeys will pay to look at pictures of female rhesus macaques' bottoms.

  3. There is one wild monkey population in Europe and it's growing - Barbary macaques of Gibraltar

  4. PETA filed a lawsuit claiming that a crested black macaque monkey owns the copyright to a selfie he took of himself with a photographer’s unattended camera.

  5. Male crab-eating monkeys have moustaches and cheek whiskers, while females have only whiskers.

  6. Prebon von Magnus identified monkeypox in 1958 in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the crab-eating macaque monkey.

  7. Females reach sexual maturity at the age of 4 years, males at the age of 6 years. Males leave native group to join other, unrelated group of crab-eating monkeys. Young males often fight to establish dominance and ensure higher rank in the new group.

  8. A wild monkey(nicknamed Uncle Fat) in Thailand who gorged himself on junk food and soda left behind by tourists became morbidly obese and he had to be put on a strict diet. At 26Kg, he was 3 times heavier than the average macaque.

  9. A tribe of Japanese macaque monkeys wash sand off their food and dip it in saltwater for seasoning after each bite.

  10. PETA is asking a court to grant copyrights for a series of selfies taken by a macaque monkey to the monkey itself instead of the nature photographer who owns the camera

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Since 1938 there is a sustained and thriving population of rhesus macaques monkeys living along the Silver River in Florida.

In 1989, 6 out of 178 workers at the United States Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases had antibodies for a strain of ebola. The strain wasn't contagious to humans, and the 6 workers had all been in contact with macaques that had died from the disease. TL;DR Monkey ebola in the US - source

Morgan Island is one of the Sea Islands in Beaufort, SC. It's also known as Monkey Island, due to being home to one of two colonies of rhesus macaques in the US. As such, it's off limits to humans.

A monkey called Ramu was put in prison for five years for biting a child. After his release, he bit a child again and was imprisoned again. Since Ramu is a rhesus macaque, an endangered species, the police was not allowed to keep him as a pet or behind bars, so he was released into the wild. - source

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macaque monkeys can give humans deadly herpes

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Crab-eating macaque monkeys typically do not eat crabs.

Britches, an infant macaque monkey which had been; removed from his mother at birth, had its eyes sewn shut for 5 months since its birth, deprived of maternal care and had a sonar device attached to his head which emitted a high pitch screech every few minutes.

Botanist E. J. H. Corner trained coconut-collecting macaque monkeys to collect specimens for him in Singapore and in 1945 when he tried to enlist in the Singapore Volunteer Force, an attack by one of his monkeys left him unable to participate.

Psychologist Harry Harlow invented what he termed the "Pit of Despair". The point of the experiment was to break those bonds in order to create the symptoms of depression in Rhesus macaque monkeys.

About the "monkey selfie copyright dispute" wich basically is a lawsuit over selfies of a macaque taken with the equipment of a British nature photographer. Some people argue the monkey should be assigned the copyright. It raises a lot of ethical questions about copyright and non-human creators.

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For the tradition of “Topeng Monyet” people trained macaque monkeys to wear children's clothes and doll head masks. Often kidnapped by poachers, sold and held captive by a begging trainer, these monkeys would dance and perform tricks before stretching out their hand for money

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