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In 1759 ,Antoine Dupré discovered the recipe for Greek fire by accident, and shared his discovery with the king, Louis XV, who preferred to bury the secret into oblivion for the sake of humanity, buying the silence of Dupre with 2000 pounds. (Wikipedia article only available in French)

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Louis Antoine, eldest son of Charles X of France, was the King of France for less than 20 minutes before he himself gave up the throne due to his father's abdication during the July revolution in 1830. This made Louis the joint shortest reigning monarch in history.

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  1. Joseph-Ignance Guillotin did not invent the guillotin. A man named Antoine Louis did (who was later executed by guillotine).

  2. Jeanne Baré, the first woman to complete a voyage around the globe, a circumnavigation, disguised herself as a man to join the expedition. She was part of Louis Antoine de Bougainville's expedition that sailed from 1766 to 1769 and worked as an assistant to naturalist Philibert Commerçon.

  3. The shortest time a monarch has ruled was in France during the July revolution of 1830. Louis Antoine's father abdicated from power and Louis was technically king of France for 20 minutes before he also abdicated.

  4. Louis Antoine was King of France for aprox. 20 minutes in 1830.

  5. Davy Crockett had French lineage. His earliest known paternal ancestor was Gabriel Gustave de Crocketagne, whose son Antoine de Saussure Peronette de Crocketagne was given a commission in the Household Troops under French King Louis XIV.

  6. Louis Antoine Duke of Angouleme was the shortest reign as king in history reiging for 20 minutes.

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