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The President of France is also a Prince of Andorra, making him the only monarch to be elected by common citizens.

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The French President is one of two co-Princes (rulers) of Andorra, making the French President the only elected monarch in the world and the only person who is simultaneously a monarch and a head of state of a republic.

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  1. Before 1993, Andorra had to pay in odd-numbered years a tribute of approximately $2 to its Prince the French President, while on even-numbered years, it paid a tribute of approximately $8 to its other Prince the Spanish bishop of Urgell, plus six hams, six cheeses, and six live chickens.

  2. The President of France is also the Co-Prince of Andorra. The only head of state of a republic and a morach at the same time.

  3. The president of France also holds the title of Prince of Andorra, a small country between Spain and France. He shares this title with his co-prince, the Bishop of Catalonia, Spain.

  4. When elected to the french presidency, one also becomes co-prince of Andorra, making the french president an elected monarch, but not from Andorran electors

  5. Andorra's heads of state (both Princes) are the president of France and the Bishop of Urgell (Catalonia). Therefore, it has two equal monarchs, one of them elected by the people of another country, and one elected by the Pope, the head of state of Vatican City.

  6. The Bishop of Urgell, as the Co-Prince of Andorra, is one of two Catholic priests who is also a monarch. (The other second priest who is also a monarch is the Pope).

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The French President is a Prince of Andorra. - source

When a French president is elected, he simultaneously becomes a Prince of Andorra, therefore ruling two countries. - source

When elected, the President of France also becomes Co-Prince of Andorra - and therefore is the only monarch in the world to be elected by common citizens—though not by the citizens of Andorra, but rather those of France.

Andorra has two co-princes and one of them is the President of France, the only monarch in the world elected by common citizens and the only person to be a monarch and the head of state of a republic at the same time. - source

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Andorra is ruled by 2 Co-Princes: the Bishop of Urgell (appointed by the Pope) and the French President, the only monarch in the word to be elected by "common" citizens - though not the actual subjects.

Until 1993, Andorra paid a tribute of $12, six hams, six cheeses, and six live chickens to their Spanish Co-Prince every two years

Boris Skossyreff, who declared himself as the "King of Andorra," and then declared war on the Prince of Andorra in 1933. He was expelled from Andorra in 1934. In some Russian-language publications there are legendary stories reported as fact, claiming that Boris I ruled Andorra until 1941.

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