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Congressman Leo Ryan, who was murdered while investigating Jonestown in 1978, had a record of directly looking into his constituents' concerns. As an assemblyman, he investigated the conditions of California prisons in 1970 by using a pseudonym to enter Folsom Prison as an inmate.

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One of the only senators ever assassinated was Leo Ryan who was killed by Jim Jones's cult members while they were in the process of committing mass suicide. He had come to investigate reports from concerned family members.

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  1. US Rep. Leo Ryan who went to Guyana on behalf of constituents who had relatives in the Jonestown cult. While helping people escape, he was shot and killed, becoming 1 of only 2 Congressmen ever to be assassinated on the job, His aide, Jackie Speier, who was also shot, now holds his old seat.

  2. In 1981 Shannon Ryan used part of her dead father Congressman Leo Ryan's life insurance money after he was killed by the Jonestown cult in 1978, to join a religious sex guru and his followers at Rajneeshpuram, Oregon in what was later dubbed as a cult

  3. In 1978, current California congresswoman Jackie Speier, then a congressional aide to Leo Ryan, was shot 5 times in an ambush by supporters of Jim Jones while investigating human rights abuses at his Guyana compound, fleeing into the forest and waiting 22 hours before help arrived.

  4. The day before the November 18, 1978 mass suicide at Jonestown, Guyana, Congressman Leo Ryan and several members of an NBC news crew were shot dead. The NBC producer was shocked that he and his crew survived Vietnam not "a rinky-dink country’s backwoods."

  5. The Jonestown Massacre happened during the time of the CIA MKUltra mind control program - and one of the most anti-CIA congressmen (Leo Ryan) was shot during his investigation of Jonestown.

  6. Leo Ryan, the Congressman who was assassinated by the Jonestown Cult, had a daughter who joined a cult, the Rajneesh Movement, a couple years after his death

  7. During the Jonestown Massacre, an American diplomat who was there with Congressman Leo Ryan lay on the ground pretending to be dead

  8. Former VP Dan Quayle, while serving as a US Rep, could have been a Jonestown victim along with Leo Ryan.

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