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In the 1800s, a cult leader gave 600 acres of land to God but the State of Pennsylvania took possession and sold it because the Almighty didn’t pay His taxes.

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The extent of North Koreas personality cult is such that in 2012 a 14-year-old North Korean schoolgirl drowned while attempting to rescue portraits of the two "supreme leaders" from a flood.

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  1. US Congresswoman Jackie Speier is a survivor of the Jonestown massacre. She was shot five times by followers of cult leader Jim Jones while attempting to leave Jonestown via plane, and had to wait 22 hours for help to arrive

  2. Pythagoras, of Pythagorean Theorem fame was also a cult leader and that his followers were not only vegan but also didn't eat beans because they believed that a part of their soul escaped every time they passed gas.

  3. The inverted cross only became associated with Satan in the 19th Century when a French cult leader was accused of holding erotic Black Masses. He believed the inverted crucifix symbolised the 'Reign of Love' as opposed to the 'Reign of Suffering’ of the traditional cross

  4. In 1981 a cult incorporated a city in Oregon. The city, Rajneeshpuram, quickly grew until the commune became increasingly aggressive and eventually its leaders were charged with a variety of crimes

  5. After his father died, polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs told church officials, "[Keep your] hands off my father's wives." He told his father's widows, "You women will live as if Father is still alive and in the next room." Within a week, Jeffs had married all but two of his father's wives.

  6. In the 19th century China came extremely close to being ruled by the leader of a Christian cult who believed he was the younger brother of Jesus Christ. It took the deadliest civil war in history with 30 million dead to defeat him.

  7. Pythagoras was the leader of a cult that believed, "all is number." When a member of his cult discovered the irrational number and announced it to the public, Pythagoras had him executed.

  8. During the French Revolution, Leaders tried to replace Catholicism with a "Cult of Reason" where Truth,Liberty, and Reason were worshiped.

  9. The first black orphan legally adopted by a white couple in Indiana was adopted by cult leader Jim Jones and his wife, Marceline.

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Famous suicide cult leader Marshall Applewhite elected to have voluntary surgical castration along with seven other members. Only a surgeon in Mexico would perform the procedure.

Before becoming a cult leader and murderer, Charles Manson was a song writer who had songs performed by a number of artists, including The Beach Boys. - source

Before cult leader Jim Jones ordered the mass suicide of his People's Temple followers in Jonestown, Guyana in November 1978, Davis gave a speech on the group's behalf.

The Heaven's Gate cult was responsible for the disappearance of 20 people in Oregon in 1975. Cult leader Marshall Applewhite held a talk detailing the arrival of the alien visitors. Most attending thought it was a joke but it was convincing enough for some to leave their families and join him

The Jacket that Michael Jackson wore on the cover of the "BAD" Album was designed by a cult leader, Tony Alamo, who ran a side business designing high-fashion jackets that were highly sought after by celebrities in the 80's . The Jackets were made by his cult members. - source

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August Engelhardt was a sun-worshiping German nudist cult leader who started an island paradise based on eating coconuts. He was eventually imprisoned after several members died of malaria and malnutrition.

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In 1961 Jim Jones (Jonestown Cult Leader) and his wife, became the first white couple in Indiana to adopt a black child.

Jim Jones, leader of almost 1,000 cult members who committed mass suicide by drinking cyanide, was the first white person in Indiana to adopt a black child.

The Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God. They were a Doomsday cult in Uganda that burned more than 500 of their members alive and killed hundreds more in 1995. Their leader escaped authorities and is believed to still be alive.

The USDA has given $130 million to Planet Aid, an organization that claims it is helping poor African farmers, but is actually ran by a cult-leader who is hiding out in Mexico in a $20 million condo from the Danish government. Instead of helping, the cult makes the farmers pay from their salary.

During the French Revolution, leaders tried to replace Christianity with the "Cult of Reason". Notre Dame Cathedral and other churches became "Temples of Reason", but many reports of "lurid" "depravities" occurring at them increased opposition to the revolution. Napoleon banned the cult.

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Marshall Herff Applewhite Jr. was an American cult leader that founded what became known as the Heaven's Gate religious group, who also organized their mass suicide in 1997 claiming the lives of 39 people.

There is a cult in Malaysia dedicated to worshipping a giant teapot. The leader of it claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus, Buddha, Siva, and Muhammad.

Political cult leader Lyndon LaRouche and televangelist James Bakker were cellmates in federal prison. Bakker later commented: "To say LaRouche was a little paranoid would be like saying that the Titanic had a little leak."

The founder of the company that makes Cookie Crisp cereal was a cult leader that thought watermelons are poisonous and all non-whites should be castrated.

Jim Jones, the leader of the cult that ended in the Jonestown massacre, where 918 people died, had been a door-to-door monkey salesman.

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Adolfo Constanzo, a not-particularly-well-known cult leader and serial killer, would perform ritual sacrifices on humans that involved boiling brains and bones in cauldrons full of blood.

In 2000, when a Millennial Doomsday Cult in Uganda failed in their prediction of the end of the world, leaders of the cult predicted the second date and organized a celebration during which they poisoned, stabbed, and blew up hundreds of their followers.

The Oneida silverware company was started by a religious cult that practiced promiscuous sex. Their leader, John Humphrey Noyes, reserved the virgin girls for himself and his cronies.

On November 18, 1978, in what became known as the “Jonestown Massacre,” more than 900 members of an American cult called the Peoples Temple died in a mass suicide from drinking grape Kool-Aid laced with cyanide and potassium chloride under the direction of their leader Jim Jones.

Hulda Golemgeske Hoefs Ziebell. A cult leader during the Great Depression, Hulda forced her adherents to only drink orange juice, milk, and honey, believing solid foods were of the devil.

Cult leader Jim Jones was influential in the Civil Rights movement in Indiana, having played a key role in racially integrating community institutions

About a cult in Vanuatu's whose mythical leader is depicted as an American WWII serviceman who brings wealth and prosperity.

A 19th century american cult leader, named John Murray, claimed that if he built a clockwork body (built with supposed instructions from God) it would come to life as the spirit of the lord enters it & thus Jesus would return to Earth as a robot(skip to 12:12).

Notorious murder-suicide cult leader Jim Jones of the Jonestown massacre was a door-to-door monkey salesman in his pre-suicide cult days.

Cult Leader Taylor Helzer Planned to Overthrow Mormon Church by Adopting Brazilian Orphans and Training them to be Assassins

Isaac, the cult leader in the 1984 movie Children of the Corn, was played by John Franklin, who also played Cousin It in the Addams Family movies.

Infamous Cult Leader Jim Jones sold a monkey to a woman whose previous monkey had hung itself.

A commune cult existed in Oregon in the 80's that attempted to assassinate dozens of officials, poison the water supply, and crash an airplane into the county planning office, all the while their leader bought 93 Rolls Royce

Jim Jones, the cult leader responsible for the Jonestown Massacre, sold spider monkeys door to door

Adnan Oktar a popular Islamic creationist cult leader. He has a very popular tv show in Turkey on which he is surrounded by Versace wrapped blondes called kittens that call him master and talk about Kim Kardashian.

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