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In the 1820s a Cherokee named Sequoyah, impressed by European written languages, invented a writing system with 85 characters that was considered superior to the English alphabet. The Cherokee syllabary could be learned in a few weeks and by 1825 the majority of Cherokees could read and write.

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Akon, a successful artist who won several platinums stopped with music to focus on his humanitarian project "Akon Lighting Africa". This project has installed more than 200.000 solar power systems and are educating people in learning how to use solar power.

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  1. A giant virus has been discovered with its own immune system. French scientists found these giant virus defence mechanisms work in a similar way to the CRISPR-Cas system, whereby the virus learns to recognise invaders, capture their genetic material and use this information to destroy them.

  2. one of the largest organisms on earth is a group of trees in Pando, Utah. It covers 107 acres and has 47,000 distinct trees that share the same root system.

  3. Dr. William Moon—a one-eyed man who developed his own reading system for the blind in the 1840s after finding other methods unreliable. He called his method “Moon Code” and based it off of simplified Roman letters, which allowed almost anyone to learn it extremely quickly.

  4. Researchers tweaked a computer’s learning system so that it would read the manual for Civilization and adjust its strategy according to the information. The machine won 79% of the games it played, compared to 46% for a machine that didn’t read the manual.

  5. Thousands of dogs in Moscow have mastered the Moscow Subway System and have learned to use it.

  6. in 1983, Russian Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov heroically prevented a full retaliatory nuclear attack against the United States and NATO allies when his Oko nuclear early warning system detected 6 missiles coming from the U.S. and he immediately declared it a false alarm.

  7. Korean writing system, despite looking complicated, consists of only 24 basic letters and can be learned in just one day

  8. William Kamkwamba built a windmill from gum trees, bicycle parts, and scrap finds, to power his family's farm. Though he didn't know English, he learned to built the windmill from English books and diagrams. Later, he dug a well and built an irrigation system, which helped grow crops more often.

  9. During WWII, the British, learned of a German radio navigation system codenamed 'Wotan'. Wotan, or Odin, was a one-eyed Norse god, whence they deduced that the system used one beam, and were able to develop countermeasures before the system was even deployed.

  10. "Sudbury Schooling", a form if schooling where students learn whatever they'd like, have a legitimate vote in the school's decisions, and are naturally guided to nurture younger students. The system was praised in 2007 for the students being, "Well-rounded, confident, and mature."

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There are hundreds of dogs living in the Moscow Metro train station, and some of them have even learned how to commute using the metro system

There are approximately 35,000 stray dogs living on the streets of Moscow. Some have learned to obey traffic signals and, through their acute sense of smell, navigate the subway system. There is even a statue for Malchik, a stray dog who was stabbed by a passerby in 2001. - source

The baby duck syndrome denotes the tendency for computer users to "imprint" on the first system they learn, then judge other systems by their similarity to that first system. - source

Scientists have mapped a worm's nervous system into a robot. The rudimentary reactions of the robot to its environment wasn't learned or programmed, but a direct result of the neural network.

Graffiti writer Ichabod learned the routing of the North American rail system to make his tag one of the most widely visible. - source

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An ancient planet in our solar system had its outer crust blasted away by asteroid impacts. All that remained was a solid metal core which still orbits the sun today. Scientists now propose sending a probe to this "metal world" to learn more about how our own planet formed.

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The human body is full of good bacteria necessary for life, but the immune system can learn which bacteria and germs are not healthy and fight them off when they try to invade the body. This is why eating food that builds good bacteria in the digestive system is important for a healthy body and strong immune system.

The NYC Dept of Health and researchers from Columbia University monitor foodborne illness outbreaks by using a machine learning computer system which searches Yelp for key words and phrases such as "got sick," "vomit," "diarrhea," and "food poisoning."

Physarum polycephalum. The yellow slime mold - having no brain or nervous system - can learn, hold memories, make decisions, and solve complex transportation problems.

Addiction is a learning disorder, a condition where a system designed to motivate us to engage in activities helpful to survival and reproduction develops abnormally and goes awry.

Phil Collins never learned to read or write conventional musical notation and instead devised his own system. However, he regrets having done that.

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there have been many attempts to create a metric-like system for time.

Napier corresponded with the famous astronomer, Tycho Brahe, who learned of Napier's logarithm system.

Slime mold grew a network similar to the Tokyo Rail system - we can learn about efficient networks and routes from mold!

There is a phonetic notation used to help people learn spoken Chinese called the Bopomofo system. It is based on memorizing 37 symbols taken from ancient Chinese characters and still used in Taiwan today

Approximately 4 million people live within the Arctic region. The indigenous people that live in the region are called the Inuits. They have learned how to survive in one of earth's harshest environments.

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The Japanese need to learn 4 writing systems (including Romanji), and that one of them contains more than 50.000 characters that generally have at least two pronunciations.

Some studies suggest that paramecia are able to learn, despite having no nervous system. An experiment showed that cell memory may be possible. An electric volt applied to paramecium made it possible to differentiate brightness levels.

birds have a completely different, more efficient respiratory system than that of mammals

access to the classified US GPS system was opened up after navigational issues led to the Soviets shooting down Korean Airlines Flight 007

of RT-23 Molodets, a soviet ICBM system based on railway-car and indistinguishable from ordinary freight train

A team of students were awarded a patent for designing a technology to monitor email money transfers as part of an immersive, four-month long hackathon. For most banks, the systems used to monitor e-transactions aren’t moving as quickly as machine learning, a subfield of artificial intelligence

The 'blob', a slime mould with 720 sexes and the ability to find and digest food despite having no eyes, no mouth and no stomach. It also has no central nervous system but can learn, demonstrates memory and can solve the 'shortest path problem'.

Although they are invertebrates, they have incredibly developed nervous system and they can learn various things. Some experiments showed that they can solve puzzles, distinguish shapes and patterns. They can develop both short- and long-term memory.

Oregon law allows for citizen's traffic citations in a system similar to citizen's arrest

about the largest known volcano in the Solar System. Tamu Mastif is in the Pacific Ocean, and is larger than the Gulf of Mexico

Indians created the numeral system: "As it was from the Arabs that the Europeans learned this system, the Europeans called them Arabic numerals; the Arabs refer to their numerals as Indian numerals."

You may not sue Satan in the US Court System due to only a couple procedural issues. One of which is the residency/citizenship status of Satan being unknown (Is he a foreign prince?). The second being no known means to serve notice to Satan of formal legal proceedings.

In 1999 NASA used the F-15 fighter to exploit a revolutionary Intelligent Flight Control System (IFCS) that was capable of learning the new flight characteristics in real time, helping the pilot to maintain full control and prevent an accident.

Some cows are given an intentional hole in them to learn about the digestive system and other organs

System of a Down was featured as a playable team you could unlock in Madden '01

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