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When an individual files for bankruptcy, depending on where they live, they may be able to keep some of their home's equity, their car, and some furniture and clothing.

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Some debts are not erased when an individual files for bankruptcy. These debts can include child support payments, legal fines, some student debts, car loans, mortgages, and alimony payments, depending on where the individual lives.

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  1. Razor Blade business model; "one good is sold at a discount, while the second dependent good is sold at a considerably higher price". Ex: Printer & Ink Cartridges, Razor & razor blades

  2. German workers have "Mitbestimmung", or the right to participate in their company's management. Depending on the business size they elect 30% to 50% of the firm's governing board.

  3. The legal right to refuse service in the US generally depends on whether the refusal is arbitrary or whether there is a specific business interest in refusing a patron service

  4. Bankruptcy is damaging to a person's credit rating but it doesn"t last forever. The bankruptcy stays on a person's credit report for many years, depending on the country. When that person applies for a mortgage or loan the bank may refuse to loan them money because they feel it is a credit risk, but in many cases if the person has rebuilt their credit rating they may have no problem getting a loan or mortgage even with the bankruptcy on their credit report.

  5. Administrative Professionals" Week is meant to recognize "the secretary, upon whose skills, loyalty, and efficiency the functions of business and government offices depend", and to pay make people aware "through favorable publicity, to the tremendous potential of the secretarial career".

  6. California is dependent on so much business with Texas that the California State Board of Equalization which collects taxes has an office in Houston.

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What jobs and businesses depend on clothing or fashion?

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