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Single flower appears on the top of a flowering stalk. Flower hangs loosely and it has bell-like shape. Perianth consists of 6 tepals. 3 outer are larger and convex in shape. 3 inner are two times shorter and have small green notch at the top. Snowdrops have sweet, pleasant odor.

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The World's Greatest Salesman sold an average of 16.7 cars a week for 15 years. For reference, a top notch salesman sells 30 in a month.

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  1. The word "boss" became popular in the 1950s as a slang term for top notch or first rate.

  2. Siemens developped their own synthesizer during the early age of synthesizers. It was similar to the RCA MkII, was very top notch and was build mainly for their own promotional documentaries.

  3. in all of Canada except Saskatchwen there are three levels of paramedics.When you call 9-1-1 it's not certain your get top notch paramedics meaning instead it's hit and miss.Not all paramedics can give the "same level of care",or admit life saving durgs in desperate situations.

  4. Why a tire manufacturing company (Michelin) is associated with rating top notch restaurants

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