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The scientific adviser to the 2014 film Interstellar spent two weeks talking Christopher Nolan out of having a character travelling faster than the speed of light, as it defies the laws of physics

how many laws of physics are there?

The "bar" in Law, isn't just the name of the exam. It refers to the physical gated wall in a courtroom dividing the lawyers and judges from the general viewing public. "Passing the bar" gains you admittance to work on the other side of the wall.

How many laws of physics are there and what are they?

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  1. There is a law in Philippines that you can actually 'legally' kill or physically injure your spouse or the person he or she is having a sexual intercourse with when you caught them in the act while making love.

  2. The only Chinese person working on the Manhattan Project was "First Lady of Physics" nuclear physicist Wu Jianxiong, whose experiments disproved the law of conservation of parity. She was the first living scientist to have an asteroid named after her. Also, her husband was Yuan Shikai's grandson

  3. In 2001 Florida passed a law requiring single mothers to publish their full names and physical descriptions in a newspaper along with a list of the last 5 men they'd had sex with before they could put children up for adoption

  4. The kid that played Jack in Hook and "Kid" in Dick Tracy (Charlie Korsmo) quit acting, got a degree in physics from MIT, graduated from Yale Law, passed the Bar, became a lawyer, and is currently teaching law at Case Western.

  5. There is a law in France stating that models have to provide a doctor's certificate attesting to their overall physical health, with special regard to their body mass index (BMI)

  6. His early career was in church law, although he studied math and physics extensively.

  7. Between the 1860s and 1880s, studies in chemical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and other branches of the science solidified scientists" understanding of how the laws of physics and chemistry work together.

  8. He was one of the first to conduct experiments to determine if space and time can be connected within the laws of physics and permit time travel.

  9. Word distribution in almost all texts and almost all languages (including ancient ones) tends to be extremely similar. This is called Zipf's law, and it can be found in many other social and physical data sets.

  10. In 1920 NYT Editorial Board mocked Robert Goddard's proposal to send a man to the moon using a multi-staged rocket. NYT issued a retraction on July 17, 1969 saying investigation and experimentation confirmed the idea did not contradict the laws of physics. The Times regrets the error.

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What are the three laws of physics?

Why are the conservation laws in physics important?

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Snell's law, one of the most important laws in physical optics, was first accurately described by the Persian scientist Ibn Sahl in 984. Snellius was born in 1580.

In 2004, US Navy jets were "outmaneuvered bu unidentified aircraft that flew in ways that appeared to defy the laws of known physics." - source

Loschmidt's paradox. The 2nd law of thermodynamics states that time matters, because things become more disorderly with time; but the concept of time symmetry states that time doesn't matter, as anything that happens by some physical process can be reversed by the opposite physical process. - source

Isaac Newton borrowed a fundamental law of physics from Rene Descartes and included it in his own Principia. To this day, it is still generally referred to as Newton's First Law of Motion

The first solar cell developed had less than 1% conversion efficiency, and was denounced as a fraud by the USA for "generating power without consuming matter, violating the laws of physics." - source

When do the laws of physics break down?

Essentially, physical chemistry is that application of the most pure physical laws to solve or explain chemical reactions.

How many laws of physics are there and what are they?

He was also a proponent of the theory of vitalism and held that life processes cannot be explained by the laws of chemistry and physics.

His Institutes of Natural and Revealed Religion was written between 1772 and 1774 expounded on his belief that the only revealed religious truths that could be accepted were those that conformed to natural, physical laws.

About Shockley–Queisser limit - physical law limiting efficiency of simple solar cell to 33%.

The laws and studies of physics were especially important in the later development of nuclear chemistry, particularly in isotope separation and astrochemistry.

Charlie Korsmo who played 'The Kid' in Dick Tracey has a degree in physics from MIT, and a Doctorate degree from Yale Law School, and is now a professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

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The Law of Propinquity - the greater the physical (or psychological) proximity between people, the greater the chance that they will form a relationship

RAM sticks can be cryogenically frozen and successfully analyzed. If a machine or server is actively processing secure data, this exploit would allow burglars or law enforcement to easily capture the unencrypted data in mere seconds of physical access.

Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics not for General Relativity, but for the discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.

There are distant stars whose light will never reach us because the expansion of the universe expands with the space-time continuum, faster than the light from those stars will be able to travel. Without violating any laws of physics.

Google X considered working on teleportation, but reconsidered since it broke the laws of physics

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American disability rights advocate Haben Girma is the first deafblind graduate (J.D. 2013) of Harvard Law School. She has also enjoyed participating in physical activities including surfing, rock climbing, kayaking, cycling, and dancing.

100 years ago it was common for working-class children to roam the streets freely at night. Reformers, citing physical and moral hazards of nighttime loitering, successfully passed curfew laws, and by the mid-20th century, many working-class families adopted the idea.

When Albert Einstein was just 25 and just a patent clerk he challenged Sir Isaac Newton's Laws of Physics.

Jim Murray, a scientist who claims to have created a self powered generator that some would say defies the laws of physics. In reality he is utilizing already existing energies that have remained untapped by standard generators.

About Noether's Theorem and that the Conservation Laws of physics are not fundamental after all, but describe special cases.

NASA developed a space drive that violates the laws of physics and works

The Law of Laplace, a law in physics, is related to Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

RC Helicopters defy the laws of physics.

Prior to the release of the fifth Harry Potter book, J.K. Rowling received an injunction against "persons who ... have physical possession of a copy of the said book ... without the consent of the Claimants", the first injunction in British law against unnamed, unknown individuals

Silicon based life could not have been real under our laws of physics. Physics ruins the day, yet again. *Sorry its a very lengthy and technical read, but you can skip to the paragraph above 'Applications in photovoltaics' if you're willing to trust the math and physics.

Benford's Law explains how many naturally occurring collections of numbers will have a better than 50% chance of the leading significant digit being just 1, 2 or 3, and a 30% chance of it being 1. Population figures, physical constants and the logarithmic scale bar tend to obey this law.

Rattlebacks. Designed with roundish bottoma and unbalanced distribution of weight when spun will soon start to rock and then when the motion subsides, it will settle down to spinning in the reverse direction. This apparently violates the angular-momentum conservation law of physics.

All old school cartoons followed special laws of Physics. For example, a character suspended in the air remains in the air until made aware of its situation.

Buy law Gun records in the US must be "unsearchable", That means all computer records must be images of physical documents with no keyword or date information in the file name.

Google have considered funding a project on teleportation, but decided that it would violate the laws of physics

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