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Daniele Nardello is technically the winner of both the 1999 and 2000 Tour de France's, as everyone who placed above him (including Lance Armstrong who got 1st in both years) has tested positive for using drugs. He originally placed 7th in 1999 and 10th in 2000.

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If officials awarded Lance Armstrong's 2005 Tour De France title to the next fastest cyclist who has never been caught doping, they'd have to give it to the 23rd place finisher.

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  1. Lance Armstrong owns a coffee shop called Juan Pelota Cafe. Juan is a homophone for "one" and "pelota" is Spanish for ball.

  2. Lance Armstrong, at the height of his doping behaviour in the 2000s, made a $100k donation to the international cycling federation to 'fund the fight against doping'

  3. When Lance Armstrong was asked in an interview what he would do if he could go back in time and return to 1995 (the year he started doping), he said that he would "probably do it again."

  4. If Lance Armstrong's 2005 Tour De France title was given to the next fastest finisher who hasn't been found to dope, they'd have to give it to the 23rd place finisher

  5. Lance Armstrong was only caught after an insurance company that sponsored him realized they could get millions of dollars in bonus money back if Armstrong was stripped of his titles.

  6. Lance Armstrong owns a coffee shop that makes fun of his testicular cancer. The shop is named "Juan Pelota Cafe." Juan is a homophone for "one" and pelota is the Spanish word for "ball".

  7. In an interview with Lance Armstrong, a celebrated Tour de France winner, he admitted to Oprah about using drugs to enhance his performance. He had been stripped of his titles because of doping charges and owned up to it on her show.

  8. Lance Armstrong has a coffee shop called Juan Pelota. Juan sounds like "one". Pelota means ball.

  9. is completely unaffiliated with Lance Armstrong's nonprofit, but simply licenses the naming rights. It's owned by the same company that owns, and operates under the same "content farm" business model.

  10. Pat McQuaid, the former chief of the International Cycling Union, said in an interview that Lance Armstrong had been a 'scapegoat', that he had been 'treated differently from other cyclists who were also doping' at the time.

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Former UCI president Pat McQuaid said that Lance Armstrong was used as a scapegoat, that the 'smaller riders' who were also doping had been used by the UCI to extract information, and that the organization was only interested in a 'big name', which is why they had never been punished

Lance Armstrong appeared as himself in two episodes of kids’ cartoon Arthur. Following his doping scandal, these episodes are now rarely shown in syndication. - source

On the International Space Station there is a hard drive that serves as a time capsule to preserve human DNA, in case some global cataclysm should occur on Earth. Among those included on this drive are Stephen Hawking, Stephen Colbert and Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong invested $100k in early Uber and now it has become 3 billion - source

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Robin Williams was a cycling fan and was known to train with Lance Armstrong.

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The Immortality Drive is a memory device in the International Space Station and contains DNA sequences of a select group of humans, such as Stephen Hawking, Stephen Colbert, Lance Armstrong and Playboy model Jo Garcia in case some global cataclysm should occur on Earth.

Lance Armstrong owns a coffee shop in downtown Austin, Texas called "Juan Pelota Cafe". The name is a joking reference to his testicular cancer, with the name "Juan" being a homophone for "one" and "Pelota" being the Spanish word for "ball".

Lance Armstrong admitted in 2015 to being "a complete dick for a long time" in an interview with a news agency

Lance Armstrong not only had a testicle removed but also had brain surgery to remove necrotic lesions in 1996. It was at this time that he first allegedly admitted using performance-enhancing drugs to his physician.

Pharmaceutical giant Amgen is the leading sponsor of the bike race Amgen tour of California. They produce and market recombinant erythropoietin (epo), the drug notoriously misused by Lance Armstrong and other competitive cyclists as a performance enhancing agent.

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In his prime Lance Armstrong had a resting heart rate of 32 bpm. The average is around 60 to 90bpm.

When Lance Armstrong came clean, he had to pay more than 100 million USD in damages and all sponsors backed out. In spite of all this, he is still doing pretty well in terms of money. Reason: UBER. He invested in Uber when it was valued at 3 million and today its valuation is 60 billion.

Ben Foster took the same drugs as Lance Armstrong to get an understanding of its effects, ate handfuls of dirt to understand the dire situation of fighting the taliban for Lone Survivor, he lived on the streets and pissed himself to learn the role in Tampart, & he almost did meth for Alpha Dog

Since Lance Armstrong got all of his Tour de France medals stripped, the only American to win the Tour de France is Greg LeMond, who last one it in 1990.

Lance Armstrong has an oversized heart, which turned him into a science project

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If officials awarded Lance Armstrong's 2005 Tour De France title to the next fastest finisher who has never been linked to doping, they'd have to give it to the 23rd place finisher

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