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In 1947, the Superman radio show did a series called "Clan of the Fiery Cross" in which they exposed many of the KKK's most guarded secrets. Within two weeks of the broadcast, KKK recruitment was down to zero. And by 1948, people were showing up to Klan rallies just to mock them.

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About the Battle of Hayes Pond, an armed confrontation between Lumbee Native Americans and the KKK in which the Lumbee were successful in disrupting the klan rally and ending significant KKK activity in the southern region of North Carolina.

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  1. Patrick Ewing was close to signing a letter of intent with the University of North Carolina. While visiting the campus he stayed at the Carolina Inn and after witnessing a rally for the Ku Klux Klan ultimately decided not to sign with UNC.

  2. About the "Battle of Hayes Pond", where in 1958, fed up with recent cross burnings on their grounds, over 500 armed members of the Lumbee Tribe surrounded a KKK rally and exchanged fire with them, destroying the only light source and forcing the Klan members to flee the area.

  3. After Klansmen burned a cross in front of the house of a "Lumbee Native American family that had recently moved into a 'white neighborhood,'" at the next Klan rally a group of 500 armed Lumbee surrounded them and opened fire.

  4. A Ku Klux Klan rally stopped Patrick Ewing from choosing to play for the University of North Carolina

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