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17-year-old Kenny Loggins wasn't going to be able to record his song "House at Pooh Corner" because Disney was enforcing their copyright to Winnie the Pooh. Upset, he mentioned this to his girlfriend, only to find out her dad was the president of Disney– he soon got permission.

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The Top Gun producers originally slated Toto to perform "Danger Zone", but they couldn't due to legal conflicts. Bryan Adams refused because he felt the movie glorified war. REO Speedwagon wouldn't unless they could write other songs for the soundtrack. Finally they settled on Kenny Loggins.

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  1. "Danger Zone" was originally going to be sung by the band 'Toto', but arguments with the band's lawyers prevented this. Bryan Adams and REO Speedwagon were also approached but declined, leading To Kenny Loggins involvement.

  2. In an episode of sailor moon, the character Ami (sailor Mercury) downloads a document in her computer class that is meant to be a space engineering paper from Columbia University. However if you look closely at the paper, it's actually the lyrics to "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins.

  3. Kenny Loggins wrote House at Pooh Corner when at 17. Disney lawyers stopped the song from being released due to copyright infringement. Unbeknownst to Kenny, his girlfriend at the time was the daughter of Disney's CEO. She helped him get it released.

  4. The song "Danger Zone" on the Top Gun soundtrack was originally going to be recorded by Toto. After a legal dispute between the band and the film's producers, the song was recorded by Kenny Loggins instead

  5. Tom Cruise and Kenny Loggins' careers soared after working on "Top Gun," but they never actually met each other until they appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in October, 30 years after the movie's release.

  6. Kenny Loggins performed 4 of the songs on the Caddyshack soundtrack. First time watching the movie and I am in hysterics of laughter.

  7. Kenny Loggins hosted Los Santos Rock Radio in the video-game Grand Theft Auto 5 and Cara Delevigne hosted Non-Stop-Pop FM

  8. The song Holiday Road was written and recorded by Lindsey Buckingham. I always assumed it was written and recorded by Kenny Loggins.

  9. Michael McDonald, even during the most prolific years of his time with the Doobie Brothers and his solo work, sang backup for dozens of Top 40 hits for such artists as Steely Dan, Kenny Loggins, Diana Ross, Christopher Cross, Rickie Lee Jones and Toto.

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