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During the making of the movie "Deliverance" (1972), the book's author James Dickey showed up drunk during filming and fought Director John Boorman, breaking Boorman's nose and shattering four of his teeth.

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In the '70s film director John Boormans was planning to film a Lord of the Rings adaptation. The movie was supposed to end with Legolas, looking up at a rainbow, and saying, “Look! Only seven colors. Indeed, the world is failing.”

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  1. Deliverance director John Boorman was behind an unproduced 1970s Lord of The Rings adaptation with many bizarre changes, including a Frodo/Galadriel sex scene

  2. John Boorman, director of Excalibur, had plans to make a film of The Lord of the Rings, but abandoned the project as too costly.

  3. Zardoz director John Boorman almost made a Lord of the Rings movie which involved a scene where Gimli is beaten to utter exhaustion to retrieve his unconscious ancestral memory and a sexual encounter between Frodo and Galadriel.

  4. During the infamous rape scene in the movie "Deliverance", the actor playing the mountain man had an erection and was actually going to rape Ned Beatty prior to being physically restrained by Burt Reynolds and director John Boorman. Source: Reynolds' autobiography "My Life".

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