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The inspiration for Sir Kenneth Branagh's character in "Dunkirk" died on the final night of the evacuation

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For the role of Hercule Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express, Kenneth Branagh tried to grow the Moustache himself, before Hair and makeup designer created a hair opus with Branagh's own hair combined with heavy cashmere for the cold, wet English shoot.

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  1. During a Shakespeare play, Dame Judi Dench accidentally exposed herself to Kenneth Branagh by throwing open her dressing gown when they were about to get on stage. With just 30 seconds left she ran back and returned with her skirt but was still zipping it when she got on stage.

  2. Frank Darabont wrote a magnificent adaptation of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein but was then re-written and destroyed by director Kenneth Branagh who went on to make one of the worst adaptations of the Frankenstein story.

  3. Kenneth Branagh, like Leonardo DiCaprio until recently, has also been nominated for five Oscars without winning. But unlike Leo, Branagh's nominations were in five different categories, which is unique.

  4. Kenneth Branagh is the first man to be nominated for an Academy Award in five different categories: Director, Actor, Supporting Actor, Short Film, and Adapted Screenplay.

  5. Kenneth Branagh (director of the first Thor film) wanted to change the name of Thor's weapon because he thought it was too hard for people to pronounce the name "Mjolnir"

  6. Billy Bob Thornton won Best Adapted Screenplay at the 1997 Oscars over Kenneth Branagh's unabridged version of Hamlet. So in the eyes of the Academy, Billy Bob Thornton is a better writer than Shakespeare.

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