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An octopus named Otto caused an aquarium power outage by climbing to the edge of his tank and shooting a jet of water at a bright light that was annoying him. He's also been seen juggling hermit crabs, throwing rocks at the glass and re-arranging his tank surroundings.

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About Otto, an octopus that was able to climb onto the rim of his tank, squirt a jet of water to a bright light shining into his aquarium and cause a power outage. Staff believe that Otto had been annoyed by the lamp

What was the first turbo-jet powered commercial aircraft?

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  1. Under secrecy, that the first jet powered aircraft flown in the US was piloted by Jack Woolams. Already confused by seeing a plane flying with no propeller, other pilots who spotted Woolams would then see him in the cockpit wearing a gorilla mask, a bowler hat, and smoking a cigar.

  2. In the 1960s Chrysler developed a car powered by a gas turbine engine. It could rev to 44,500 rpm, sounded like a vacuum cleaner and could run on diesel, petrol, kerosine, jet fuel and as the President of Mexico proved, tequila.

  3. Al-Qaeda initially planned to fly hijacked jets into nuclear installations, rather than the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. They had decided against the attack on nuclear power plants "for the moment" because of fears it could "get out of control".

  4. The hoverboard was invented for real in April 2016. Powered by six compact jet engines totaling 1000 HP (equivalent to four automobile engines), and stabilized with Segway-like algorithmic balancing, it has a flight time of 10 minutes using a camelbak filled with jet fuel.

  5. After being told a jet powered car can run on anything that burns, the President of Mexico rode it running on tequila.

  6. Lonnie Johnson, the inventor of the Super Soaker water gun, also worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab with the nuclear power source for the Galileo mission to Jupiter.

  7. About 'Big Wind', the world's most powerful fire engine. Consisting of two MiG 21 jet engines mounted on a decommissioned Russian T-34 tank, it was designed by Hungarian engineers to put out oil well fires

  8. In 1988, Sandia Laboratories crashed a fully loaded F4 Phantom jet travelling at around 770 kmh (480 mph) into a 4 m (13 ft) thick concrete slab to simulate a possible deliberate attack on a reinforced nuclear power plant. The impact vaporised the jet but left the slab relatively unscathed.

  9. Nuclear power plants in the US are strong enough to withstand an impact from a commercial jet without releasing deadly radiation.

  10. James Robinson Risner was the first pilot to win the Airforce cross without dying in the process. When an Allied aircraft lost power, he stuck the nose of his jet into the exhaust of the other aircraft, pushing it to safety. After destroying several aircraft by shooting another down into them.

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What was the first jet powered aircraft?

Why did jet li die?

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There was once an airline named "Freelandia" that was like a real life Austin Powers party jet. Cheap fares, rock music, pong machines, bean bags. Giant yellow plane with a hand waving goodbye! A party in the sky.

The Soviet jet MiG-25 was so fast and powerful that above Mach 2.8, its engines would literally digest themselves - source

The American rail speed record was set by a jet powered train (188 mph). In 1966... - source

Chrysler made a Jet powered car in the 60s... Then destroyed all but 9 of them.

SLAM, a Nuclear Powered Ram Jet Missile that could fly for months on end and was too deadly to be fully tested - source

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When Gary Powers U-2 was shot down over the USSR in 1960, the Soviets accidentally shot down one of their own MiG fighter jets, killing the pilot.

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The Arado AR-234 was the first jet powered bomber in the world. It was the last Luftwaffe aircraft to fly over Britain.

In case of a loss of all power, most jets have something called a Ram Air Turbine, that generates power.

U.S Air Force's "SLAM" Jet. A cancelled, unmanned nuclear powered Ram jet missile capable of carrying 15+ thermonuclear warheads, fly indefinitely, create lethal shockwaves while spitting out radioactive fragments to kill everything it flew over at Mach 5+

When Russia shot down Gary Powers in his U-2 spyplane, he was hit with one of 8 SAM's that were launched. Another one shot down one of Russia's jets that was sent to intercept Powers

Capt Jesse Folmar, a Marine pilot serving in Korea, was able to shoot down a jet-powered MiG-15 with a piston-driven F4U-4 Corsair

When did jet li die?

The history of aviation has extended over more than two thousand years, from the earliest forms of aviation, kites and attempts at tower jumping, to supersonic, and hypersonic flight by powered, heavier-than-air jets.

Commercial and military jet electronics run off a power supply with an output of 115 volts at *400 Hz*

The Hoverboard was invented for real in 1955. Powered by twin 40 hp engines (equivalent to 1/3 of an automobile engine), and stabilized by 8 movable vanes and some bicycle handlebars, it had a top speed of 16 kph and sensibly didn’t require the pilot to carry a bag of jet fuel on his back.

NASA’s jet powered (unmanned) aircraft, X-43A managed to reach speeds of Mach 9.6 (roughly 7,365 mph/11,854 kph)

Canadian Julie Payette finished 3 colleges,2 universities,her final thesis on A.I,was a leader in computer voice recognition tech,IBM engineer,NASA astronaut,1300 hours high power jet flight,speaks 6 languages,Queen Elizabeth II appointed her Governor General of Canada. Oh, she is only 54.

How does a nuclear powered jet engine work?

Chysler made a car that was powered by a jet engine

Engineers at OpenSky have developed a jet-powered glider based off the möwe from the manga/anime Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Nakajima Kikka, Japan's first jet-powered aircraft

In 1967 Bell Labs pitched jet turbine powered jetpacks to the US military for Vietnam with potential uses in chemical riot control, smokescreens, ship-to-shore transportation, and quick attacks and evacuations.

During the Cold War the Soviets obtained the means to power their MiG aircraft with jet engines from Rolls Royce by winning a game at billiards - creating the powerful MiG-15.

A Nazi aircraft engineer created a coal powered jet engine in 1944. His name was Dr. Alexander Lippish

NATO reporting names follow a code - fighters are all F...(Flanker / Fagot), bombers are all B...(Bear / Backfire), and for fixed wing aircraft a single syllable name defines prop, where two syllables defines jet powered.

A man in California built a street-legal, jet powered Volkswagen Beetle

The expression "jet black" refers to a type of coal called lignite that is either brown or black. Brown lignite is used as a fuel source for older power plants. Black lignite is used for jewelery and known for being "as dark as possible".

The earliest forms of aviation includes kites and attempts at tower jumping to supersonic and hypersonic flight by powered, heavier-than-air jets. Kite flying in China dates back to several hundred years BC and slowly spread around the world.

The earliest forms of aviation includes kites and attempts at tower jumping to supersonic and hypersonic flight by powered, heavier-than-air jets. Kite flying in China dates back to several hundred years BC and slowly spread around the world.

Impressive F-15 jet crash (large RC turbine-powered model plane)

Natural gas is a by product of oil drilling. Offshore oil rigs before the 90's would burn off the gas, but then engineers figured out how to use jet engines from aircraft as power generation modules.

50 years ago today (15 November) Craig Breedlove, driving his jet-powered Spirit of America - Sonic 1 vehicle, became the first to break the 600 mph land speed barrier.

In 1992, John Travolta was flying his private jet with his family onboard when he lost all electrical power and made an emergency landing at Reagan International in Washington D.C. Somehow, all official records of the incident were "lost" except a safety recommendation report to the NTSB.

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