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There is an episode of Jenny Jones that was never aired due to one guest murdering another three days after taping.

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After a 1995 episode of 'The Jenny Jones Show' where a young man surprised his male friend on-air that he was his 'secret admirer', 3 days later, the admirer was shot twice in his mobile home by his friend with a shotgun. The show was later sued for negligence in contributing to the murder.

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  1. Scott Bernard Amedure was who was fatally shot after revealing on The Jenny Jones Show that he was a secret admirer of an acquaintance, Jonathan Schmitz.

  2. A man named Scott Amedure was murdered by an acquaintance, Jonathan Schmitz, after Scott admitted he had feelings for Jonathan in the Jenny Jones Show. The show never aired.

  3. Jenny Jones of 90's talk show fame, has a cooking show on youtube

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